Kansas Giveaway Time!

Miracles Out Of Nowhere

Kansas, the iconic classic rock band who gave us “Carry On Wayward Son,” the epic theme song of our favorite show, has a brand-new documentary entitled “Miracles Out Of Nowhere” out now! The documentary tells the story of how Kansas rose to stardom and discusses the history of band. Watch the trailer here!

We are giving away 5 copies of this documentary DVD / companion CD!

Want to win one of these DVD/CDs? All you need to do to enter is to read any of Annie’s Season 10 reviews and leave a comment about the episode! Just make sure to write “P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!” in your comment! It’s that easy!

Contest runs from Monday, April 6th to Friday, April 10th. The 5 winners’ names will be drawn and announced on Saturday, April 11th! Good luck!

Of if you want to order it now, just click here to buy it on Amazon!

  • Joyce Barry

    Inside Man, was happy to see Bobby. Left me warm n fuzzy to see a familiar face. Dean is still torn between the mark and trying to stay sane. Sam going all out to farthest reaches of the earth to save his brother. Crowley always cunning n sly, but he bested his mommy this time. Rowena finally got what was due hers. To the full shocker that her son, Truly is THE KING OF HELL – CROWLEY NOT FERGUS.

    • supportspn

      Thanks, Joyce! Good luck!

  • Paulette Broxson Corona

    Looking forward to receiving you newsletters

  • Marisa Ingraham

    I think Inside Man was amazing also. I was so happy that Bobby was back in this episode and that Cas was also in this episode. It was definitely my favorite episode from this season so far.
    p.s. I want to win a kansas documentary!

    • supportspn

      Marisa, thx for reading / commenting! Good luck! You’ll be entered to win!

  • Kansas miracle out of nowhere is awesome documentary and kansas is my all time favorite band, i seen them alot of times and alway amazed at there playing,Ken.

    • supportspn

      Ken, do you want to be in the running for the giveaway? Lemme know! 🙂

  • Tat

    Paper Moon was a great review. It takes you back to why we started watching to begin with. Hunting things. Love it. PS I want to win a Kansas Documetary.

    • supportspn

      Thanks for commenting, Tat, and good luck!

  • Toni Jackson

    It was so great to see Bobby again. The letter he wrote to Sam about made me cry! The scene with Crowely and Dean was done so well, they needed a scene with just the two of them after Dean became human. Rowena was once again a low point for me. I don’t like her character or her story line so I guess seeing Crowley kick her out had been the best scene I’ve seen her do. P.s. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

    • supportspn

      Thanks for commenting Toni and good luck!

  • Toni Jackson

    Also in the 200th episode the group of girls sang Carry on My Wayward Son beautifully, but sooner or later Kansas has to make a real appearance on the show don’t they? P.s. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

    • supportspn

      Yes! They need to be in an eppy and come to SPN conventions! (And good luck!)

  • Laura Cangemi

    It’s 3:28 am so bear with me. 🙂 I thoroughly read (and loved) all reviews and had difficult time chosing. Going with Black. I enjoyed fun loving Dean, evil though he was. And Sam’s devotion to finding and curing his brother tugged my heartstrings. The review mimics my opinion exactly. 🙂 P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!
    P.P.S. I have been watching Supernatural from the day it aired and Kansas fan since I was a child. 😉

    • supportspn

      Awesome! Good luck! =)

  • Cindy

    I have to say Hibbing 911 is one of my favorite episodes. Hibbing is my hometown and I love to see how they interprit all the quirkiness of northern MN. Makes me homesick even though I’m only two hours away. The Iron Range definatly has it’s own accent. Even different from the rest of MN.

    PS. I’d love to win the Kansa documentary!