Episode 12.16

Ladies Eat Free Review

By Annie Kenney

This could have been a really good, exciting, and tense episode. There was a great build-up and I must confess I have a soft spot for Mick – British Men of Letters – because he seems honest and keen and he is genuinely grateful to Sam (and Mary) for saving his life. I am also a great fan of werewolves and have done quite a lot of research about them. Supernatural does its best as far as effects are concerned and less is more. I thought the masked werewolf was a creepy touch and I wanted to know more about what was happening. There were several amusing moments and some fantastic interaction between Sam and Dean. It was fun to see the brothers in the 3* hotel that Mick had booked for them and even more amusing to hear that Dean had had a morning swim without bringing his trunks! It was all going well and then Claire turned up!

Now I’m going to have to be careful here as last time I wrote a review about Claire I was taken to task quite severely. The thing is – personally – I find her one of the most irritating and pointless characters the show has ever produced (and there a lot of candidates given that it has been on air for nearly 13 years!) When she first appeared as Castiel’s young daughter (The Rapture) she was a sympathetic character and you really felt sorry for her. She lost her dad (twice) and had to accept that he was gone and that an angel was inside of him. She also had Cas possess her which must have been awful. When Cas took Jimmy over and he left his family for good it appeared we had seen the last of Claire but that hasn’t been the case.

I am not sure if it is because I can’t relate to her personally, but I find Claire totally annoying and unlikable. I don’t really get why she is desperate to be a hunter (which may be bad writing). She is also angry, insulting and attention-seeking and doesn’t appear to have any lovable traits. I realize we are supposed to feel sorry for her due to her situation, but the way she is portrayed makes it very, very difficult.

Her appearance in this episode was jarring and – in my opinion (and I must keep stressing it is only my opinion) pointless. The interaction between the Winchesters and Mick was enough to keep the episode going. The scene where Mick killed the girl who had been turned was tense and upsetting. Unlike Claire Mick is easy to warm too and his character is in direct contrast with Mr. Ketch. Claire wasn’t really needed (apart from the drama at the end) and the werewolf cure could have been used on any random victim.

Maybe it is because she called Sam old and skeevy! Maybe it is because the actress isn’t very good or maybe it is just me but I don’t want to see Claire again and the whole episode was ruined by her presence. If they needed a woman, why didn’t they use Jody or Donna? Perhaps they could have used the opportunity to introduce a new female character. It was a shame really because what could have been excellent just ended up being ‘meh’.

So, what did I like? Sam and Dean’s amusing interactions – Dean calling Sam and Mick Nerds – Mick trying to be ‘hardcore’ and the image of Dean swimming nude! So, the episode was hardly a classic, but at least it did have its bright moments.

So, a 6/10 with marks off for Claire; I am sure we haven’t seen the last of her but – knowing the way characters end up on the show – she might meet some sort of dramatic demise at some point!

On to next week then and – because I haven’t been spoiled – I have no idea what the show has in store…