Janet Parsons

Janet Parsons

SSN: How did you discover Supernatural?

Janet: I’ve watched Supernatural for well, almost 7 seasons now. It all began on Sept. 13th 2003.

SSN: What is your favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Janet: Mystery Spot has got to be my favorite episode. It was sad the lesson Sam had to learn, but still hilarious to see Dean go through all that.

SSN: What is your least favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Janet: I can’t really say I have a least favorite episode. They all have ups and downs, but to get right down to it I love them all.

SSN: Who is your favorite villain?

Janet: Well, I’ve liked a few, but my favorite would have to be Crowley. He just brought that ‘I’m an arsehole and deal with it’ attitude to the show.

SSN: How do you promote Supernatural?

Janet: Well, I tell everyone I know about it for one. I recently joined a group called Misha’s Mafia, which we are in the works, but we’re working together with http://www.therandomact.org/ to help raise money for charity, and of course, I donate to SupportSPN when I can.

SSN: Do you prefer one of the boys over the other? If so, which one?

Janet: I love them both, really. But Dean would have to be the one I identify most with. His attitude towards things, the way he’s always ready to go headfirst into anything without question, his need to save everyone he can.

SSN: If you could be in ANY Supernatural episode, which would you choose and why?

Janet: That would have to be the Season 4 Finale. I just…I felt so heart wrenched when Sam threw himself in the pit, but he did it because the love of his brother. And I can say there are a few people in my life I would honestly do the same for.

SSN: What one character would you love to see back on Supernatural?

Janet: Castiel. Castiel brought a whole different light to the show. That the boys weren’t alone in their fights against the evils of the world. Plus there are a lot of really funny moments with Cas that just will never be replaced. Love ya Cas!!

SSN: How do you want the show to end?

Janet: Honestly, I don’t want it to end, but everything has it’s day. I’d like to see both brothers happy, as they deserve to be.

SSN: What other TV shows do you watch religiously?

Janet: I’m a huge Firefly fan, even thought it’s not on anymore. Have the movie and the series both on DVD. Joss Whedon had done some great work with Buffy and Angel, but I have to say Firefly was better.

SSN: Where can we find you on the Internet?



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