Melissa Cruz

Melissa Cruz

SSN: How did you discover Supernatural?

Melissa: I actually saw a commercial for a new show and it peaked my interest. I have always like shows about the supernatural. It seemed like a natural fit. 2 cute brothers, an awesome car and great music. What else could you ask for?

SSN: What is your favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Melissa: My favorite episode has been and always will be Devil’s Trap. The guys were so young yet the episode was so powerful. It hit every emotion a fan could ask for along with probably the longest summer of my life due to the awesome cliffy.

SSN: What is your least favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Melissa: I don’t have a least favorite episode. Sure there is one every season that I skip over when the dvd comes out but I wouldn’t say I have one I really hate.

SSN: Who is your favorite villain?

Melissa: My favorite villain has to be Crowley. Only he can hit every nerve in the guys. He’s the bad guy you can’t help but liking.

SSN: How do you promote Supernatural?

Melissa: I promote Supernatural any way that I can. I retweet what people are saying, I repost thing on Facebook and of course, anything I can do to help with Support Supernatural.

SSN: Do you prefer one of the brothers to the other? If so, which one?

Melissa: I am an equal opportunity Winchester. When I first started watching, I was a Dean girl but as time went on, Sam has grown on me. Now I like both brothers for different reasons.

SSN: If you could be in ANY Supernatural episode, which would you choose and why?

Melissa: I would be in any episode the guys wanted me in. LOL! Not picky.

SSN: What one character would you love to see back on Supernatural?

Melissa: One character I would love to see back on the show is Ellen. I thought she was awesome. Boy could she keep Dean in his place.

SSN: How do you want the show to end?

Melissa: The way I would want the show to end is the boys to go out in a blaze of glory. No death, just riding off into the sunset with only seeing the tail lights of the Impala.

SSN: What other TV shows do you watch religiously?

Melissa: Since I work 3rd shift, I really don’t get into other shows religiously. I have discovered Criminal Minds and enjoy it.

SSN: Where can we find you on the Internet?

Melissa: You can find me on Twitter and Facebook as either Melissa Cruz or as spncruzin.