Sarah Barba

Sarah Barba

SSN: How did you discover Supernatural?

Sarah: In Spring 2008 when my fellow Moonlight fans and I were sweating bullets over losing our new favorite show, it was suggested to me that I might like Supernatural. My response was, “Hey, is that the show where they send that guy to Hell? I gotta see that!”

Long story short, after I decided to take the summer semester off, I added SPN season 1 disc 1 to my Netflix queue. In June, I got the first disc. After the first 10 minutes of the pilot, I emailed all of my supercool friends and said, “OMG I LOVE this show!!! Thank you, thank you!” (I had a creepy experience once when my daughter was an infant- One night, I found someone looking into the nursery window, all dressed in black, just staring at her. Of course I told my husband and he grabbed the gun and ran outside, and the guy ran off. But, just seeing that scene with Mary and Sam and YED acted out on TV- I can hardly put it into words. Fortunately, my story didn’t end with me being pinned to the ceiling and a spill of demon blood into my baby’s mouth. Ack!)

The second thing I said was, “Is Sam the catalyst for all of this tragedy?” After the pilot and the remaining 3 episodes on the disc, I knew that waiting days on end for new installments wasn’t going to work for me, so I bought the first season. Then before I finished it, I bought the second season. In the middle of the summer when I finished the second season, I learned that season 3 wasn’t on DVD yet. I nearly had a coronary. I’m all caught up now, and just to look at me, you’d never know I was a latecomer (to greatness. LoL).

SSN: What is your favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Sarah: Ok besides The Pilot, “Shadow,” “Dead Man’s Blood,” “Devil’s Trap,” “All Hell Breaks Loose,” “In the Beginning,” and— the list goes on (but not endlessly). The theme here for me is that the episodes closest to my heart are the ones that involve the Winchester lore, preferably with an appearance by Papa Winchester. Long winded explanations aside, “Home” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” are probably my overall favorites. “Home” is my top favorite because it was the episode that answered a lot of questions for me, as a new fan, and at the same time solidly hooked me forever. It also just twisted up my heart for Sam, Dean, John & Mary. The best parts are when they cry! I have watched this episode 4 times, I guess, but each time I get something else out of it.

Same goes for “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” I have always had a fascination with dreams, so I naturally gravitate to movies, shows, etc that employ that theme. Again, this episode addressed the Winchesters, as well as our favorite adopted Uncle Bobby. Who doesn’t love a good back-story? Dean confronting Dean was some of Jensen’s best work (until, of course, “In the Beginning”- how does he keep doing that? I don’t know but, I am glad that he does!) I loved seeing into Dean’s mind, his feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing. I still think that they should have found a way to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the set for that scene, as Kripke said he’d originally intended. But, the final version was tremendously effective, and reinforced my love of this show and its characters.

SSN: What is your least favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Sarah: Ugh, “Family Remains” is without a doubt my least favorite episode. I just thought it was horrendously bad, and by the time it was over I was so angry- how many weeks had we waited for a new episode and this is what we got? Barf. All topped off with the scene at the end when Dean says he tortured souls in Hell and liked it. Somebody shoot me. After that episode, Dean and I were so broken up. Thank heaven it was only a temporary moment of insanity on my part. My love for Dean is blind.

SSN: Who is your favorite villain?

Sarah: Tied for first place are Meg and Ruby 1.0. I loved how Meg was so snarky. When she told Sam & Dean, “After all I heard about you Winchesters, I gotta tell you, I’m a little underwhelmed.” I about peed my pants laughing so hard! And then she told John to mind his blood pressure. She always knew how to put them in their places. Even when she came back to kick Sam & Dean’s collective ass one last time in Season 4, there was no real love lost for the legendary demon slaying brothers. Ruby 1.0 is my other favorite villain because she was snarky and mouthy and looked great doing it. She was direct with Sam but somehow knew just how to manipulate him. On the other hand, she took exactly zero crap off of Dean and had no fear of him. But when you look that great, you don’t have to pay for drinks, either.

SSN: How do you promote Supernatural?

Sarah: Funny you should ask! I promote Supernatural though several avenues: I write episode reviews, I have written some fan-fiction (seems more and more people are doing that these days but it’s a good way for us fans to get these nagging ideas out of our brains, while entertaining our cohorts), I moderate two yahoo fan groups dedicated to Supernatural, and lastly but definitely not least, I create fan videos. Even though I edit videos professionally as a small side business, I continue to make fan videos for my favorite shows, and Supernatural is at the top of my list. The one true and positive thing that I can about my videos is this: I put my heart into each of them. I invite everyone to view them and judge for yourself. There is bound to be one there that catches your eye.

SSN: Do you prefer one of the boys over the other? If so, which one?

Sarah: I love Dean. In my mind, he is a souped-up version of my husband – minus the whole to-hell-and-back-thing. But the guns and the cars and classic rock and “chicks” (my husband calls them “broads”), and food- good lord, the food! *Sigh* I am one lucky girl, I know. But all of that aside, Dean rocks my world. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why but let me try. OMG, I’m a poet! His strength, his humor, his love, his loyalty, his passion, his sense of humor… how he is proud of himself when he says something (that he thinks is) clever. The way he looks, walks & talks. He just exudes hot masculinity. (Of course, this is a combination of Jensen and the Dean character, but it’s a winning combination.) Mmmmmmmmmmm… what were we talking about?

Yeah, Sam. I love Sam, but in a much different way. Sam is a male version of me, minus the whole boy-with-the-demon-blood-who-sleeps-with-a-demon-and-drinks-her-blood-too-thing. I easily empathize with his position within his family unit, his need to break free of it, his need to be seen as an adult, and an equal. I love his sense of logic and practicality- which he lacks when his judgment is clouded by bad decisions that were motivated by his drive for all the aforementioned things. Not to mention his sense of etiquette and diplomacy- except of course when it comes to his Dad. Did I mention his hair? OMG I could EAT his hair. We should move on now. Yeah, Dean’s my fave. Sam’s my long lost twin brother with awesome hair. AWEsome hair.

SSN: If you could be in ANY Supernatural episode, which would you choose and why?

Sarah: I had several first gut reactions (“Route 666,” “Heaven & Hell,” “Monster Movie,” “Jus in Belo,” “The Magnificent Seven”) but in the end, I think that I would like to be the Crossroads demon in “Crossroads Blues,” “All Hell Breaks Loose II” and “Bed-time Stories.” Oh hell, who I am kidding, I just want to be the seductive woman in the black dress who has those boys by the throat, if only for a minute. When CRD # 1 slammed the door to the Impala and yelled, “DEAN!” I thought, “OMG, that is the role for me!”

Then later when he told her that he preferred to be warned before being violated with demon tongue- Pffffffffffft, I didn’t hear any complaining when he was panting and moaning five seconds earlier. But I also liked the CRD who bought Dean’s soul- so evil and so sexy (a very confusing combination). The way she walked around Dean, sniffing him, toying with him. And of course when she dug her nails into his baby soft hair when they kissed. And Sam’s CRD (the actress’s true identity aside-none of my beeswax) but when he asked her who held Dean’s contract and she said, “I got a boss like everybody.” And when Sam persisted, she only said, in that no-help desk voice, “I can’t tell you.” Well, let’s just say, I would have shot her too.

SSN: What one character would you love to see back on Supernatural?

Sarah: Easy! Papa Winchester. I’ll do anything. Just bring him back!

SSN: How do you want the show to end?

Sarah: With Sam returning to his apartment at Stanford in time to stop the demon from killing Jessica. Then John would locate YED and kill him. And then the fight would be over. And, the Winchesters could lay down their guns forever.

SSN: What other TV shows do you watch religiously?

Sarah: Prison Break, Fringe, LOST, The Beast, Burn Notice, and Harper’s Island.

SSN: Where can we find you on the Internet?

Sarah: Here I am!

Youtube—, and (my business channel)

And here you will find my season 4 premiere fic that I penned.

Thanks so much for choosing me as a Supernatural Fan of the Month. I promise to carry out my title with dignity. I really loved these questions, BTW. They excited me and made me think. And, I know that since I am among friends, you people aren’t going to roll your eyes and say asinine things like, “It’s just a show.” Yeah, I know that, and football’s just a game. Leave me alone and let me enjoy my “one thing”.

Randomly yours,

Sarah Barba (Oh yeah, I am on Facebook, too, obviously!)