Sarah Krause

Sarah Krause with J & J

SSN: How did you discover Supernatural?

Sarah: I found Supernatural by watching the WB and seeing the promos for it. I thought it sounded like the kind of show I enjoyed so when it premiered I tuned in. Been hooked ever since!

SSN: What is your favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Sarah: Wow, that’s a difficult one to narrow down and I could easily cop out and say “all of them” because it’s true, but I really will have to say “Mystery Spot” because of it’s ability to show both brothers facing the reality of Dean’s deal with the demon as well as Sam’s reaction. It starts out comical and ends with a very bittersweet realization on the part of both characters, but especially Sam. It really epitomizes a classic Supernatural episode full of those highs and lows and allowed both characters to really shine. It was also great acting on both Jared and Jensen’s part.

SSN: What is your least favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Sarah: My least favorite episode from Supernatural is “Bugs.” The episode was average with not much for the Winchesters to do. I felt it really lacked the depth that the other episodes had even in that first season. I think the ending was what really turned me off from this episode, because it fell rather flat with a contrived resolution.

SSN: Who is your favorite villain?

Sarah: That would have to be Meg. She comes across as such a sweet girl and then you see a side of her that is pure evil. The way she dogs the boys and their family and friends is truly terrifying. Not to mention she does some serious damage with her Daevas. She truly is a great villain in her ability to strike where the Winchesters are the most vulnerable.

SSN: How do you promote Supernatural?

Sarah: I talk about Supernatural to anyone and everyone. *grins* I loan out the DVDs (I have all four seasons!) to people and even ever so slyly bring them along when visiting friends and ask them if they are willing to watch it with me. So, basically just by word of mouth. Sometimes visually when they see my posters and photos from the convention I went to or my laptop desktop background.

SSN: Do you prefer one of the boys over the other? If so, which one?

Sarah: I love them both equally, but I will have to admit to leaning a bit toward the character of Dean. I guess I like the bad boy appeal that he has?

SSN: If you could be in ANY Supernatural episode, which would you choose and why?

Sarah: I would love to be in any of the episodes, I’m not picky! I would love to have been in “The Monster at the End of This Book” because of how hilarious it was and how it acknowledge good naturedly the fans of the show. Plus it added to the myth arc of the show. To be a part of that would really be the best ever.

SSN: What one character would you love to see back on Supernatural?

Sarah: John, their father. Jeffery Dean Morgan is a great actor and I’ve always been curious as to what actually happened to “Papa Winchester” after “All Hell Breaks Loose”. Were the lights heaven or not? Can he come back? John has too much unfinished business with his sons not to come back!

SSN: How do you want the show to end?

Sarah: However Kripke wants it to end. I honestly trust him to do what he thinks is best, so I’m accepting of character deaths, jumps into the future with family or worse situations, normal/average lives, or just riding off to the next hunt. I’m open for anything. But I do love me some angst! *smiles wickedly*

SSN: What other TV shows do you watch religiously?

Sarah: Oh boy. I’m a TV-aholic. I watch waaaaay too many programs, although not with the, shall I say, “attention” that I devote to Supernatural. But, there are two other shows I don’t like to miss, Dollhouse and Chuck.

SSN: Where can we find you on the Internet?


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