AJ Buckley and Travis Wester Interview with Support Supernatural


Photo courtesy of Tumblr. Vegas Con 2013.

AJ Buckley and Travis Wester, the hilarious and sweet actors who play Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler, “The Ghostfacers” were kind enough to answer a few of our burning questions!

OK, let’s start with a little of your background. Travis, Where did you grow up?

Travis: The mean streets of Culver City. Nowadays it’s all art galleries and Korean taco trucks or whatever but back then it was pretty scrappy around my neighborhood. You know how other people might have a hat rack? We had a chain rack. Never left home without a good chain to whip around. It was pretty gritty.

AJ, I see you were born in Dublin and immigrated to Canada. What were your childhoods like? I get the sense that you were both probably total comedians growing up.

AJ: I was always known as the jokester. From when I was nine.

Travis: My stepfather was the real comedian. Around the dinner table if I tried to be funny he’d stop me if I was bombing, give me some notes and let me try it again. Seriously. He told me that joke where you ask someone what the secret of comedy is and then you interrupt them by saying “timing” and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Moving to a few of your past projects, Travis, can you tell us what it was like being on the original 90210?

Travis: Like being on the cover of People Magazine, only on the other side. And upside down.

And AJ, please tell us a little about being on The X-Files. (It is another favorite show of ours!)

AJ: It was great. I really liked working on the X-Files. It was one of my first professional gigs, got to work with a great director. I played two parts actually… one was a dude who got eaten alive by cockroaches and then I played Scully’s brother.

Travis, Eurotrip is an amazingly funny movie. I imagine there was so much laughter on set. Which one scene was the hardest to complete?

Travis: Actually it was one that never made it into the movie. It was with Joanna Lumley from Ab Fab, and she was utterly cracking us up. I think we made it through once without someone in the cast falling out laughing and that was it, we moved on. It might be in the DVD extras or something; it’s worth checking out if you have a copy. (Editor’s note: I do and I will! I love Ab Fab!)

AJ, in addition to acting, you play the drums. How long have you played? And which do you think you are better at – the drums or acting?

I play a djimbe, not a kit. More of a congo/bongo type of thing. The feel of my palm slapping against the skin of the drum, not hitting it with a stick. Which am I better at? I suck at both.

Travis, besides acting, what other special talents do you possess?

Travis: Ear wiggling, cooking, babbling incoherently, climbing rocks.

AJ, can you tell us what it is like on the set of CSI Miami?

From what I know from my work on CSI New York, I can tell you that with crime scene procedures, big words and science. (Editor’s note: Uh oh! Our bad! Never said we were perfect, but we sure as heck try! Big typo on our part! Very sorry, AJ! Forgive us?!)

Misha Collins told us “Ghostfacers” is his favorite Supernatural episode. We also love it! It is such an original, hilarious episode. You both did a fantastic job being the stars of that episode! How long did it take to film? And what do you like most about “Ed Zeddmore” and “Harry Spangler?”

AJ: I, Ed, like how Harry’s hair looks. He makes it looks really cool and I wish I had hair like that.

Travis: I, Harry, enjoy being appreciated.

Did you two work together before Supernatural? You play so well off each other.

AJ: No, it was just love at first sight.

Travis: Crazy.

We really look forward to meeting you in Vancouver in August at the “Salute to Supernatural” convention! You both have been to a couple of conventions thus far. Do you enjoy them or simply think of them as a necessary part of the job?

AJ: It’s great to get to meet so many fellow facers and continue the facer movement and get it going on a grass roots level. Shaking hands, kissing babies, facing ghosts. It’s what we do.

What are some of your most played songs on your iPod?

AJ: John Legend, Sunhouse and Adele.

Travis: Glasvegas, the soundtrack to Pan’s Labyrinth and Led Zeppelin

AJ, you have a production company called Fourfront Productions. What are some of your current projects?

AJ: First rule of Fight Club: Never talk…um. No seriously, we got a couple different web series we’re developing right now, a couple TV shows. Stay tuned.

Travis, you have a very darling daughter. Take a moment to brag about her! What are some of her most endearing qualities?

Travis: She can sing “Good Morning Baltimore” note for freaking note, that’s kind of cool. She’s got a sense of humor already. When people laugh at her material, she always kind of chuckles and says “Hehe… I funny.”

We’d love your recommendations on the following:

-Book you read recently

Travis: I’m just finishing a three year journey with the Baroque Cycle with Neal Stephenson. I started reading it just after I found out I was going to be a dad and am now just finishing System of the World, so there you go.   

AJ: Many Lies, Many Masters

-TV program you can’t miss

AJ: American Idol.

Travis: Battlestar Galactica, but after Season Three I got all confused so I started over so don’t ruin it for me.

-Movie you saw at the theater or rented

AJ: Watchmen, rented Body of Lies (which was great).

Travis: I think Sunshine Cleaning was the last movie I saw in theaters because it was free at LACMA. At a theater is really the only time I can watch movies, otherwise I get all fidgety and start looking for something to do.

-Musical artist or band you love

AJ: Kings of Leon

Travis: Radiohead is so much better than all the other bands it’s kind of weird.

-Restaurant you dined at 

AJ: Cactus Club.

Travis: I think the last time I ate out was Shakey’s Pizza.

Besides, acting, what are some of your life passions?

Travis: Measuring twice, cutting once. Telling jockers to quit jocking my style. Screaming out drunk death threats on people who use those red laser pointers in theaters.

AJ: GhostFacers, Ed and Harry… or just Harry.

In addition to Supernatural, where can we see you on-screen soon?

AJ: Skateland, a movie coming out in the Fall.

Travis: Try giving YouTube a shot.

We’ll check those out for sure! Thank you both again! Ghostfacers forever!!!!!!!!!!

For more information on AJ and Travis, visit http://www.ajbuckley.net/ and http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0922563/. Also, AJ and Travis are on Twitter: @AjohnBuckley and @westerspace.