Chad Lindberg Interview with Support Supernatural

Chad Lindberg

Support Supernatural is very pleased to share with you another entertaining interview! You, the Supernatural fans, had the opportunity to ask questions of Chad Lindberg, the man who played one of the most original and fun characters to enter the Supernatural universe – “Ash!”

Lindsay from Michigan asks:

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming roles in “Once Fallen” and “The Other Side of The Tracks?”

The OST is a movie I filmed over a year ago in Connecticut. It stars Brenden Fehr and Tania Raymonde. It’s a ghost drama coming out soon.

Once Fallen is a movie I just wrapped. It stars Brian Pressley, Ed Harris, Peter Weller, Amy Madigan, and Ash Adams, who wrote and directed it. I play “Beat,” a guy who was abused as a child and grows up a screwed up young man – the character you feel compassionate for because he’s such a screw up. But you love him anyway. That will hopefully go to theatres next year some time.

Heather from Maryland asks:

Out of all the roles you have played, either movies or TV show appearances, which was your favorite role to play and why?

I have lots of different favorites. Each movie or TV set is different. Some are very magical and some are forgettable. Shooting The Rookie was great. We spent 3 months in Austin, Texas playing baseball. Something I’ve never done. Made good friends.

I also played a transvestite in The Velocity of Gary, which was one of my faves as well. There’s something special in all of the experiences I suppose.

Kristi from Texas asks:

“The Fast and the Furious” is one of my favorite movies! What was it like working on this film?

Working on this movie was awesome. I had no idea the movie was going to be as big as it was. Made me quite recognizable over night. Totally unexpected. Driving the cars was awesome.

Also, what are your most favorite and least favorite aspects of attending conventions as a guest?

I don’t really have a least favorite aspect of the conventions. It’s all positive. Getting to travel and meet all sorts of new people. Loyal fans and new friends. That’s my most fave aspect of the cons. Sometimes they can be draining…but that’s the fun of it…right?!

Yasmine from Florida asks:

I’ve heard actors say that there’s always a part of themselves in their characters, so…What part of Ash is Chad and what part if any would Chad like to absorb from Ash? 

Ash and Chad share each other’s spunk. I’m not as smart as Ash. He could teach me a couple of things!!

Susan from Illinois asks:

Chad, if Ash would have made it out of the fire, what would you have liked to see happen with your character?

I think Ash is deep in hiding. He is all about timing and could re-surface just in time to help save the boys. You never know…it is supernatural after all!!

Pam from New York asks:

Ash was too smart to get burned up in the Roadhouse! Do you know of any plans to have you come back on the show in the future?  

No plans so far!! Talk to Eric Kripke!!

Tina from Idaho asks:

Do you know how Ash came to know Ellen and Jo? How did he become part of their tight-knit little family?

Ash just stopped in for a beer one day. Started talking to Jo and Ellen, all parties realized they could help bring demons to downtown Chinatown.

And, does Ash have any more “catch phrases” for the women?


“Patience ladies, patience.”

Jenn from Pennsylvania asks:

-Is there a current or historical person you would like the chance to portray on film?

I’d like to play Billy the Kid.

-What’s the hardest part for you about being an actor?

The ups and downs.

-I know there are a lot of great actors out there that are also great people. Is there someone you have worked with that you particularly connected with on a professional and personal level?

Sometimes you make friends after a project. Usually you’re best friends during the shoot and then never see each other till the premiere or sometimes not at all! Some shoots you do end up making life friends…it’s rare though.

SPNRockzDeansHot asks:

Ash is a really fun character. Was there any difficulty playing him???

Not messing up the hair!! It’s way too precious!!

Ashley from Washington D.C. asks:

All right, so Ash was wicked awesome. So sad when well we found out he passed away. Anyhow, what movies or TV shows do you currently like?

I’m a big fan of LOST!! What the heck is going on?!!

Kelly from Pennsylvania asks:

Can you tell me a bit about what it was like on the Supernatural set?

Lots of jokes. People laughing always. Jared and Jensen keep a very warm and inviting set. Very comfortable.

Alison from Florida asks:

Do you miss being on Supernatural? 

Of course!!

Jo from Ireland asks:

From what I can tell, the upcoming documentary “My Big Break” is quite a candid piece. Given the nature of the beast that is the infamous struggle to make it big in Hollywood, it must have been an interesting situation to be in. It certainly looks as though it will be an eye opener to watch. I can’t wait to get to see it. Now that time has passed, are all the participants still in each other’s lives? Was everyone happy with the finished product?

Oh such a long story. Yep, some people are not happy with the fact that it’s gonna come out. But I think it’s an important movie for people to see. To pull back the Hollywood curtain if you will.

Also, you do realize that by working on SN you have made some fans for life, right?

I have!! Thanks for giving me and Ash a life after dying on SN!!! I love you all!! Pray for the return of Dr. Badass!!


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