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Genevieve Padalecki

Genevieve, thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions. We here at love Season Four and your role in it!

Let’s talk a bit about your background. Where did you grow up and how did you get into acting? Was there anyone in particular that inspired you to become an actress?

First of all thanks for taking the time to ask these questions, which are great questions by the way! I really like your site and LOVE the charity part of it. GREAT JOB! Thanks for including me and I hope I answer all of your questions.

I grew up traveling around. I lived in a town east of San Francisco until I was 13. My family then moved to Glacier Park, Montana – a VERY cold place if you are a Californian! After 2 years in Montana my family took a road trip looking for the next ski town to raise the family and ended up in Sun Valley, Idaho, which I consider home.

The two consistent things for me during my moves were soccer and theater. Those 2 activities kept me going and allowed me to channel my energies into something positive. The person who helped me was my grandmother who would take me to the theater in San Francisco or in the Bay Area. She has been involved since before I was born, and growing up, I got to tag along. What I realized is that I didn’t like watching nearly as much as I loved being on stage. I guess it’s the same with sports.  I never wanted to be a cheerleader, encouraging a team, I wanted to be the one making things happen. I needed to tell the story.

I see you have two Bachelor’s degrees from NYU – very impressive! What is one of your fondest memories from college?

I did go to NYU. I feel like it was a million years ago, so much has happened in my life and I’ve grown so much since then! Yes, I do have 2 degrees. I have a BFA in theatre and a BA in English and American Lit.

My fondest memory?? Hmmm, I have tons; most I can’t share without embarrassing my best friend Kelly. (It was college.) I guess my fondest memory is arriving at school. I had only been to NYC once, but I knew it was for me. However, when I arrived, I got into a cab to go meet my parents for dinner, and my cabbie got into a fist fight on the way. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do, so I let him fight, gave him his fare, and walked out of the cab. That goes to show you how I was at the beginning – by the time I graduated I would have just gotten out of the cab. I should never have paid him – I needed that money then!!

I also have a lot of memories of my best friends, late nights laughing and eating pizza. But whenever I go back, I go to my favorite spots, like chai tea with Max at the MUD TRUCK, or lunch at Grey Dogs and always the Met. I just went with my boyfriend and that’s the first thing I did.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience on Season Four of Supernatural been thus far? How does it compare to other projects you’ve worked on? 

Supernatural’s been AWESOME!! I mean, my first day I show up, everyone has a history and great relationships with each other and I show up to shoot a scene and I’m in my underwear. “Hey everyone! I wear pants, I swear!” AWKWARD!! But everyone made me feel really comfortable and we laughed about it.

It’s a different experience than Wildfire because I have to fly in to shoot for a few days and fly back to LA. It’s more difficult to go back and forth, at least for me. Wildfire was nice because I always knew what was going on with my character, with the crew, with life in Albuquerque. I was always in Wildfire mode. It’s a different experience being a recurring character because it’s like being uprooted. And I leave and I feel like, “No wait! There’s more story I want to tell!” If that makes any sense. I’m a big workhorse and I love to keep working and exploring a character. I’ll admit I thought our Wildfire crew was unbeatable, but the crew up in Vancouver is soooo cool! I always feel so welcome and like family. I just got a text from the props girls, saying “HI,” ha! I really love working on the show because I feel part of the team.

What is your a favorite Supernatural scene that you’ve shot this season?

My favorite scene we’ve shot was the scene where Julie McNiven’s character (Anna) tells everyone she remembers she is an angel and she lost her grace. I love it because Ruby is just standing in the doorway pacing, like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!” I loved it because sometimes Ruby is like a cat. She’s always watching and planning her next move. I love the scene in the car too – with the angel and the demon in the back seat, because Ruby just about wants to scratch her skin off she is so uncomfortable. It makes me laugh.

Which Supernatural scene was the most difficult to shoot and why?

The most difficult scenes were in the first episode because I was trying to figure out the love interest thing vs. the bitchy demon thing. How do I marry the two? I had all these questions: Why would Sam want to be with a bitchy demon? What does it mean to be bitchy and angry? You can’t use the excuse that Ruby is a demon and therefore mean and tough. It originates from SOMEWHERE and unless someone has actually met a demon, nobody really knows how they act. So the first episode was difficult overall. The very first scene was obviously much easier because I was trying to fool Dean so Ruby’s true colors weren’t shown. The most difficult was the sex scene. It’s always awkward. PERIOD.  

Supernatural fans have a reputation for being overprotective Sam and Dean Winchesters and female characters have not always fared too well. Is this something you have been aware of and what are your impressions?

I actually had no idea how intense the fans were until the first episode aired. I heard from other actors that the fans were very involved and protective but I assumed it was much more mild. It’s fantastic in some ways. I mean, that’s what keeps the show going and it’s INCREDIBLE!!

Sometimes it’s hard because they jump to automatically assuming it’s “bad acting” when there are specific choices being made. There is an overall arc and a story and direction being told. Whether the fans like it or not, I can’t help that. I’m telling a story, not trying to be liked. All I can do is my job, read my script, analyze it, speak the words, discuss with Eric and take the direction from the director. I understand the fans’ protection. I mean, the guys are great – I wouldn’t want a girl in the mix either!

There appears to be a personality change in Ruby this season. Is this something that has been planned for a specific purpose, or has it been your interpretation of the character and her motivations?

Yes, there is a change in Ruby. It’s part my interpretation and part her arc this season. It’s not the same. Remember she went back to hell, so maybe her tactics are different. 🙂 She’s evolving. I believe she still wants the same things, but now she has a different approach.

Did you watch Supernatural before you landed the role of Ruby and if not, are you caught up on the show now?

I am horrible and don’t watch TV. So no, I hadn’t seen Supernatural before, but you can bet I am DEFINITELY caught up now. I watched them all as soon as I got cast. And I still re-watch because there is a TON of information!! I also did a lot of research on angels and demons and religion.

Who is the most memorable actor you have worked with and why did he/she stand out to you?

Well from Supernatural I really loved Jim Beaver because he’s a vet and so natural and knows everything about everything. I remember asking him questions about Deadwood. I also really loved working with Dennis Weaver and Nana Visitor from Wildfire because they are effortless in their acting and in addition they were so considerate and kind. Nana would have me over to her house on the weekends to discuss scenes or audition pieces, or just life. Much of the way I want to shape my career is based on Nana – her ability to work and have a family and do great work.

Genevieve, thank you again for your time and your contribution to the best program on television today! For more information on Genevieve Padalecki, visit and