Jake Abel Interview with Support Supernatural

Jake Abel

Support Supernatural is thrilled to share a bit about the talented and darling Jake Abel. Thanks again to the Supernatural family for posing great questions!

We’ll start with a couple of questions from Erin in Nevada:

Hi, Jake! Welcome to the Supernatural ‘family!’ I have three questions for you: 

  • What, if anything, did you know about the show prior to auditioning for this part? 
  • Were you given much background on Sam and Dean’s stormy history with their dad, as preparation for the role? 
  • What can you tell us about the experience of working with Jared and Jensen in such an intense episode?

I actually knew very little about all the nuances of the show before going to it. I knew the basic story line and had seen a few episodes here and there. I have friends who are huge fans of the show, and always insisted on showing me their favorite episodes. So in preparation I talked to my director Phil Sgriccia about the history, and he gave me some key episodes that had Sam, Dean and John.

Working with Jared and Jensen was a blast. There’s never really a dull moment when those guys are around. I think the gag reels on the DVD’s speak for themselves. Most of the highlights came when Jared would refer to himself as ‘Farticus’…I’ll let you use your imagination!

Next up – a couple from Kaye in Wisconsin! How does it feel to come on the show where the fandom is so protective of the brothers? Are you ready to take them on? 

I’ll start off by saying that Supernatural may have the most die hard, protective and enthusiastic fans. The boys are the most important thing to them. Rightly so too. So going into that kind of world can be a bit daunting. It’s really no different than playing a real person that people actually knew or know. There’s a certain expectation for that ‘character’ to be played truthfully. Adam was no different. If fans are going to accept that there has been a long lost Winchester brother this whole time, he sure as hell better be believable as a long lost Winchester. All I could do is hope for the best, and beg for their mercy.

Calla in California: Did you study Sam and Dean to try to pick up some inherent “Winchester” traits? And how did you balance the Winchester side of the character with the Ghoul side? 

Physicality is always very important. How the character sounds, moves, behaves. So it was interesting to experiment with nature vs nurture in this particular scenario. How much is Adam like the boys innately, and how different is he from being raised away from them and John. With that being said, I figured the best way to the embody the ‘Winchester traits’ was to secretly study Jared and Jensen at every chance. From the way they stand, sit, react to certain things. Jensen alone has a very distinct gravely voice. I felt like I started sounding like him after the show and couldn’t shake it haha. But who knows if it showed up in the episode.

Meehra in Sweden: If you could decide, what kind of fate would you have given your character, “Adam?” 

Well I loved playing Adam, I loved every bit of working on the show. That cast and crew know exactly how to do a job and still have a great time. So it would’ve been nice to have the ability to go back. But if Adam did have to die, there is NO other way for him to go then as a Hunter. However, on this show anything can happen…so here’s hoping.

And a few questions from Anna in California: 

• You caused quite a controversy! Were you aware of the discussions on forums taking place when the words “third brother” were first hinted? 

• Please describe the audition process. With whom did you meet and how much did they tell you about the character beforehand? 

• In addition to “The Lovely Bones,” do you have any other upcoming projects you can share with us? 

Adam and I caused one Hell of a controversy! Haha. Fans were very skeptical to say the least. I actually Really didn’t want it to get out that Adam would only be in one episode. It gave too much away. It’s always more fun to trick an audience. Make them wonder, make them curious. Even if it’s negative or positive. I wanted them to accept Adam and care for him, but I also wanted them to be shocked at what he’d turn out to be.

I went into the casting session with the CD and Kripke, the legend himself. He and I had a great time in the room. Trying the scenes different ways. Seeing how far the ghoul could really go. Got the call after that, and was off to Vancouver.

“The Lovely Bones” will come out this December. And for more ass-kicking fun check out “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief” in February. If you liked Adam’s turn in Supernatural, then you’ll dig Percy Jackson.

Jake, thank you so much for your time! We really look forward to meeting you at your first Supernatural convention in August!! 

For more information on Jake Abel, visit http://jakeabelonline.com/ and https://twitter.com/MrJakeAbel.