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To celebrate the mid-season return of Supernatural, we are pleased to present another interview with a wonderful guest star. Rob Benedict is a multi-talented guy. He’s an actor and he’s got a great band you should check out. In addition to being an actor and musician, he’s a devoted dad. AND, he has a rescue animal! Check him out…

Do you know anyone like “Becky” in your real life?

Ha! No, not really. I’ve met a few at the conventions that come close, but…No but really, is there anyone quite like Becky?

Other than the episodes you’ve been in, what are some of your favorite Supernatural episodes?

I loved the one early this year with the Trickster and the different TV show genres. I thought that was genius.

If you found out you were a prophet, what would be the first thing you would do? Also, do you know if Chuck will go back to any his older books to see if he’s missed something that could potentially help the boys deal with the Apocalypse?

I don’t know for sure if he’ll dive back into the books for answers. But it seems like a good possibility, doesn’t it? If I found out I was a prophet, I’d probably see if I can find out when and how I die. You know, so I can be ready.

Tell us about the scene where Chuck hits Sam on the head with a plunger. Was it quick to film or were you guys laughing a lot?

We laughed quite a bit. I think I really got him one of the times. It was a tough shot cause you want it to look like I really bop him, all about timing…and editing! I think it came out well.

How long have you been playing music and singing?

I’ve been playing music in some way or other since I was like 10 or so. My buddy and I used to make pretend music videos. At first we were adlibbing Def Leppard. And then we were writing our own stuff. The first song I wrote I still have some where—it was called “Under the Willow Tree.” Ha ha ha. I played guitar and sang and my buddy played keyboards. And we rocked the drum machine.

That is awesome! How did you originally become interested in music?

I’m the youngest of four—and they all used to sit me in front of the record player and listen to old R&B and rock albums. Yes folks, albums. That and the “Def Leppard” mention—I’ve really dated myself.

On your website, your live shows are described as “emotional, heartfelt, and often amusing.” We’re so intrigued now! Tell us more about what to expect from a Louden Swain show!

We’ve got a lot of pent up energy. So our shows are never without some good leaping off of amps, that sort of thing. We get into it. Laughter, tears, you name it. I tend to be brutally honest on the mic. My own sort of brand of comedy eeks its way out between songs.

Out of all of your songs, what one means the most to you and why?

These are great questions. There are a lot that mean a great deal to me. Each one has its own personality. But there are some songs, when I sing them, that still really affect me because I can remember how I was feeling when I wrote the lyric. Holiday off the new album is like that. And personally I love rocking out to “Kind of Guy.” It’s personal to me and I just like the way the band sounds on that song.

Are you and the band working on another album?

We’re still sort of supporting this last one. But we’ve definitely got a handful of new songs in the bank. When the bank gets full, we usually bust out another one. We actually have a new song we’re really excited about that is going to be in a movie called “A Little Help” that I just competed with (The Office’s) Jenna Fischer. Excited for you guys to hear that.

Would you consider bringing the band to a Supernatural convention?

We’d love to. There’s talk of getting us to the LA and New Jersey conventions. Tell them you want us there and we’ll be there!!

As we start 2010, tell us your favorite memory from 2009.

Besides my family trip to Legoland which rocked the house, I’d say going to England for the first time was a real treat.

You have had some really great roles over the years. What actors were the best to work with and why do they stand out to you?

Wow, some of the best actors I’ve ever worked with were in the theater. I know that’s not a flashy answer, but it is so true. That’s where you meet the people that are really DOING it. And every once in a while you get to act along side someone truly gifted like that, and every moment is a learning experience. It’s fun to get to work next to some awesome actors when I get to play guest stars. Hugh Laurie was pretty amazing to watch. Tony Shaloub in Monk was great. I just worked with an actor named Ron Leibman who is the real deal.

In addition to music and acting, what other passions do you have?

Macrome. No. Kidding. My kids. They get the rest of me!

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

Sit down on the couch in my office, light candles, open the doors, put on some moody music and read, write, play guitar…I could do that for hours.

Out of all the roles you have played, what character is most similar to you, Rob?

This movie I just shot with Jenna Fischer called “A Little Help.” It’s one of the coolest roles I’ve had, and something about that guy struck very close to home. You should get to see that later this year. Besides that the character I played in “Threshold” was very similar to me. The part of me that liked to school it up.

Do you have any pets and if so what kinds and what are their names?

Bingo! He’s our dog. He’s about 8. We got him as a rescue when he was about one. He’s very cool. And we have about 10 Koi fish.

How did you find your pet (pet store, rescue, breeder)?

Yeah, Bingo was rescue. A neighbor took him out of a shelter a day before he was to be euthanized because of an overcrowded shelter. The guy called me and we took him! So glad we did.

Do you have any personal experience with any animal rescue organizations? If so please share a story.

A good friend of mine volunteers at one and she has amazing stories. They just rescued an injured coyote that was prowling their neighborhood. That was quite cool.

We want to thank Rob for taking the time to answer our interview questions.

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