Samantha Smith Interview with Support Supernatural


Samantha Smith, the true Matriarch of Supernatural, was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule and talk to us! Here is what she had to say…

 -To start out, please tell us who was your biggest influence in choosing acting as your profession.

Audrey Hepburn – I wanted to emulate the grace she exuded. And I loved that she used her fame and influence to make the world better. And Jiminy Cricket. He was my first favorite movie star.

-Next, if you could sum up your life in one word, what would that word be?


-Congratulations again on your baby boy! Besides the lack of sleep you are getting, what other major changes have occurred in your life? Has it been tough balancing being a new mom and having an acting career?

Thank you! Well, I stay home a lot more! My husband and I laugh that our new midnight is 8 o’clock. I haven’t tried to work really since the baby, but I start up again next month so we’ll see. I’m sure it will be challenging but I’m not the first to try to pull it off.

-We’d love your recommendations on the following:

Book you read recently: The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks

Television program you enjoy (in addition to Supernatural): Battlestar Galactica. Terminator. & Grey’s, of course.

Movie you either saw at the theater or rented: Slumdog was awesome. Quantum & Casino Royale, too.

Musical artist or band you love: Green Day!

Restaurant you dined at: Hugo’s in the valley.

-Do you have a specific charity you particularly care for? If it is not a well-known charity, could you tell us a little about what it does?

Project Cuddle – They care for abandoned babies. It’s ridiculous that there’s even a need for it but they do great work.

-Lastly, if you were “stuck” on a desert island with one other human being – between Misha Collins (“Castiel”) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Your SN hubby, “John”), who would you chose?

Gotta go with JDM.

OK, enough from us! Here are a few fellow Supernatural fan questions!

Lindsay from Michigan: I cannot tell you how great I think it is that you are such a big fan of Supernatural and not simply because you have had the pleasure of playing such an important role. What are your top five favorite episodes? (Feel free to include an episode you were in and/or funny episodes. There are no limits here!)

I don’t know the titles, but I love the one where Dean keeps dying (“Mystery Spot”). I think it’s hysterical. I really liked the one where Sam is evil – it’s from one of the earlier seasons (“Born Under A Bad Sign”). I liked the one in the bank with the shape shifter (Is that the same one where Dean is wanted for murder? I liked that one too.) (Yes – “Night Shifter.”) And I liked the ones (I think it was two parts) where the demons are escaping from the graveyard and Dean kills the yellow-eyed demon (“All Hell Breaks Loose, Parts 1 & 2).

Jane from Colorado: Thank you so much for joining us at the convention in Chicago this November. It was such a pleasure to meet you! Now that you’ve had time to reflect, I wonder if you would share your thoughts on your first-time encounter with the Supernatural fans. Also, Merry Christmas to you, your husband and your baby boy! 🙂

Thank you! It was so fun to meet such enthusiasts! I found you guys to be so sweet and supportive. I had a great time.

Jennifer from Pennsylvania: What is the most challenging and the most rewarding part of being an actress?

Challenging has to be the instability. We’re all so insecure we’re convinced we’ll never get another job the minute we wrap the one we’re doing. Rewarding, well, to work hard and have a good product at the end, that brings enjoyment to people, that’s great. I love working on sitcoms because making people laugh is a huge gift.

Liana from California: At what point did you know that you wanted to be an actress, and what would you consider was your “big break” that solidified that decision as a viable career choice?

I was doing a commercial for HBO and it was the first time I had dialog. It was so fun I thought, “Hey, maybe I should do this all the time!” And I’m still waiting for the big break!! Ha ha.

Also, when you worked on the Supernatural Pilot, your scenes didn’t involve Jared or Jensen, as they were probably off working on their scenes with the second film crew.  Did you have a chance to meet them or see them work on any of their scenes early on?

I met the boys during filming but only in passing. Literally, like passing in the parking lot. “Hey!” “Hey!” That was about it.

Aspiring mystery/horror writers can often look to Stephen King as their inspiration. Aspiring directors have their favorites based on their styles.  Is there an actor(s) who you’ve looked at as inspiration or emulation?

Audrey Hepburn, as I said before. I love a lot of the parts Renee Russo has done. I would have LOVED to do The Thomas Crowne Affair.

Which celebrity, artist or famous person would you have a complete “fan girl” moment when meeting? 

Obama! And Harrison Ford.

Heather from Maryland: Samantha, what are some secret talents you have that few know about?

I’m a wiz with power tools. Really.

Lastly, could you please tell us about any upcoming projects you are working on?

Coming back to Supernatural this spring, but other than that since I’ve been doing “mommy stuff” I haven’t even thought about working. But I’m back next month, so I’ll keep you posted!

Thank you again, Samantha! For more information on Samantha, visit and