Traci Dinwiddie Interview with Support Supernatural


We Supernatural fans are a pretty lucky group. Not only do we have some of the best writers in the business crafting a great storyline for us to enjoy, but we also have some of the best actors on television translating that great writing into wonderful performances.

Arguably, the most pleasant and unexpected bonus for Supernatural fans is the willingness of the actors to interact with the fans. For four seasons now, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have tirelessly answered the same 100 questions from fans, done numerous interviews on and off camera, and dealt with an increasingly rabid fanbase. And, generally they’ve done it with a smile.

But, fan interest doesn’t cease at the feet of the man-pretty Winchesters.

Fans have also taken interest in the guest stars like Katie Cassidy, Misha Collins, and Robert Wisdom, while already being hopelessly endeared to the character of Bobby Singer played by Jim Beaver. But, in the season 4 premiere, we had our collective socks knocked off by the character Pamela Barnes played by Traci Dinwiddie as she showed us how dangerous it can be to spy on Angels..

While I was excited to see a female character pop up on the screen that was more than a love interest or a damsel in distress – a real and complex woman – I was even more surprised to find how pleasant the actress who plays her is in real life. And, I was especially surprised with how gracious she was when I approached  with the idea of answering fan questions for

As a journalist, one of the most odious parts of the job is interviewing stars. They are seldom as pleasant and down to earth as Traci. But, I found it to be one of the most fun interviews I’ve done in a long time because of her effervescent personality and often devilish sense of humor. And, I was especially proud of the intelligent and probing questions asked by fellow fans as well as her own honesty in answering. It’s good to be a Supernatural fan. ~Andrew White.

So, here are her answers to some of fandom’s most burning questions:

Support Supernatural asks:

Out of Jensen, Jared and Jim, who did you enjoy working with the most on Supernatural and why?

Oh man, is this a trick question? It’s impossible for me to say, really. I think that is why it’s such a good cast. They each equally compliment the whole experience for me.

What is your favorite episode of Supernatural (other than “Lazarus Rising,” which you appeared in of course!)?

For laughs, “Mystery Spot.”
For drama, “No rest for the Wicked.”

Lastly, could you share with us one thing we’d be surprised to learn about you?

I am quite the hermit.

Lindsay in Michigan asks: What has been your favorite role to play? Why was that role so special to you?

Playing the legendary singer, Patsy Cline, in the theater production of “Always…Patsy Cline.” She was such a powerhouse of a woman. I sang 26 of “her” songs and grew beyond words as an artist during my preparation. I often joked during that time that I was “pregnant with Patsy Cline.” My whole life changed to “become” her.

And, I see on your IMDB page that you play the flute. When did you start playing and how often do you perform?

Well, I started when I was in 3rd grade. Got it taken away in 4th grade. Started again in 7th grade. Got it taken away in 8th grade. Then, my mamacita bought me the loveliest, old gemeinhardt flute back in ’99. Still have her. I have always been terrible about consistent practice. Just love to play when it’s in my heart (especially in community jam sessions or for yoga classes).

Heather in Maryland asks: So since you opened up the door for a little Sam AND Dean action, which brother would you rather have a fling with?!

Hmmm….Depends on if I’m in a cougar mood or not. :O) Okay, if you really want to know, I would rather be devoured by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. There, I said it! *Blushing!*

Jennifer from Pennsylvania asks: What was in like growing up in Alaska, besides cold?!

I really grew up Gypsy style.
From Anchorage, Alaska
to San Diego, California
to Phoenix, Arizona
to Rantoul, Illinois
to Charleston, SC
to Wilmington, North Carolina!
(Dadio Dinwiddie was in the Airforce, of course.)

And, what’s the hardest part about breaking in to the business?

Where do I begin??! The on-going rejection can wear one down at times. Just gotta keep the faith and honing the craft!

Yasmine in Florida asks: What movie / TV monster scared the “bejesus” out of you?

That damn monkey demon on the plane in “Twilight Zone”!!!

Margaux in Germany asks: The Supernatural fandom has the reputation to be a rabid one. What’s your impression about us Supernatural fans? 

You are one badass cult! :O)

Also, did you get some feedback, or have you even noticed some kind of unusual attention already before your first appearance on the show?

As soon as the cat was outta the bag about me guest starring in the season opener, I received a slew of highly supportive messages though my website and MySpace. I was shocked, to say the least. Yes, it was told to me that the fans are pretty “cut throat” ’round here. I learned my lesson from taking a few peeks in the CW lounge and am now officially abstaining from further investigation. The thing is, it’s really none of my business what others think of me or my character. That is your gift. You have total freedom to say whatever you feel.

Have you been surprised about some reactions to your portrayal of the character Pamela Barnes?

 I truly get how some people really dig PB as well as how some feel she is just “too much” for them. That seems like an honest reaction to a powerful, fun-loving, unapologetic woman.

Is it the first time you have to deal with such an active and critical fan base?

To this degree, yes. Supernatural holds TOP DOG on critical feedback! Woot Woot!

Liana in California asks: What made you seek out an acting career?At what point did you know that this is what you really wanted to do?

Great question!

Originally, I wanted to be a professional dancer. Still, I was acting out improvisational scenes in my basement at the age of 7 years old (on roller skates, no less). It’s just always been in me to do this. I adore and have explored myriad forms of artistic expression, but acting has always been my bread winner. I must thank my best friend for cornering me by asking one lazy afternoon “What do you want to do with you life?”. The answer flowed right out of me. Act.
It’s a dance with body, voice and spirit all in one.

Also, what is a typical day like on the Supernatural set?

Usually starts with a nice groove in the make-up trailer. We get gussied up and then, head over for a rehearsal (never without a good dose of goofing off with the fellas). While the crew lights it up, we disperse for a bit. There is usually an adorable dog to pet….lines to study…Then, it’s show time! We take turns putting the story together. The usual…master, twosies, singles, closeups…horsing around woven into the entire day. There is so much humor and good natured joking with this crew. Aaaah…Makes me miss them just writing this.

Lastly, can you fill in these blanks:

“My friends love (EVERYTHING) about me. LOL! I don’t know, my laugh? my humor?

Most people don’t know that (I AM A SLOW KISSER).

I’ll never forget my first (HANDSTAND).

Lynne from Ontario asks: Will you be reappearing in Supernatural in season 4, and if so will your sight be restored?

YES! and…to see or not to see shall remain a question! :O)

Also, have you ever had what you feel is a genuine psychic experience, like a prophetic dream or something like that?

Tons of ESP experiences. Mostly telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyant kind of stuff. So many times when I knew something would happen and the very next moment, it did.

Here is a little “ghost” story of mine…I stayed the night at a friend’s house in college. I woke up and was unable to move as I saw a very pale “entity” hovering over me. I tried to scream, but couldn’t until something broke the energy and sound burst from me. Then, the “being” was gone. Maybe I was dreaming, but I told my friend about it, and he said “Oh, so it happened to you too!” Shivers!

Kaitlin from Oklahoma: You did a wonderful job on Supernatural and I’d love to know about what other projects that you’re working on.

Thanks Kaitlin! Well, I’m auditioning for some great stuff. More will be revealed as I know. Also, I am currently reading scripts, looking for a unique indie film to act in as well as co-produce. There are a few of “my” films running the film festival circuit, too. Keep a look out for “The 27 Club” and “Open Your Eyes.” For any of you fans residing in North Carolina, I’ll be one of the emcee’s for Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC this year. Come join us!

Gina from Texas asks: Were there any bloopers, pranks or gags during the filming of your scene? 

I love blooper vids! Yes, I think I said something like “Out of the fire and back in the fire pan” once. And production has God awful raw footage of me with my eyes crossed.

Also, would you really have included “Grumpy”?

Grumpy works or maybe “Sulky Sue!” That was what my mama used to call me. Sam does have that sulky quality at times. He’s so cute when he sulks too!

Andy from Virginia asks: You’re a pretty accomplished singer. What’s your favorite song to sing when it’s just you?

 I love to sing old, folky Pagan songs or Native American chants.

Were there any pranks played onset during this episode’s filming?

No, but Jensen’s stunt man took one for the team! Wow, that fella really brings it!

Traci has just finished filming in Vancouver for the next Supernatural episode in which she reprises her role as Pamela Barnes. She has remained tight-lipped about the plot and any details she might know, but promises that it will be spooky and fun as always.

When he’s not watching Supernatural, Andrew White is a freelance outdoors and motorcycling journalist.