A Whole New Supernatural Convention

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Support Supernatural is excited to help get the word out about a very unique, very cool and very philanthropic Supernatural convention coming to the Seattle area in 2016! (Tentative dates: May 14th and 15th, 2016.) The founder is raising money to produce the event here.

In short, the convention is described as “Here to make all your wishes come true — A convention dedicated to the ladies of Supernatural.” This is a for-fans, by-fans project, so as a fellow fan site, we’re very excited about this!

From the Ladies of SPN Facebook page: “We want to have a conversation about the roles of women on Supernatural and support female characters in hopes that they can find their way to stronger and longer story lines. We all desire positive change in the media as a whole. This is a change we hope “Ladies of SPN” can garner.”

From the Ladies of SPN fundraising page: “We want the opportunity to talk to all these amazing female actresses: to ask them about their characters, why they chose to play them, how they approached the roles, how they felt about the way the characters ended up, what they hoped to accomplish. Going even further, I found myself wanting to ask questions of the female crew involved with the show as well: what brought them into Supernatural, what kept them there, what they loved about their roles in making the show come alive on screen, what they hoped would improve. In short, we wanted to open a dialogue, not only with the cast and crew of the show we’ve spent the last 10 years fully engrossed in, but with the fan community as a whole. We wanted to give people the opportunity they so obviously craved.

With all this said, there is a lot of work ahead. We’ve spoken with at least a dozen past and recent actresses, all of whom are eager and anticipating us giving them set-in-stone information. Academic types and crew are also on standby. People have assembled to make this happen and are just as driven as we are. This is going to happen if it’s the last thing we do. Let’s all unite to take this idea and see it flourish. Our favorite female actresses and industry ladies need our support! Tweet about it, tumble about it, tell your Facebook friends and your coworkers!”

The money raised with their IndieGoGo campaign will cover the cost of attaining the space, hiring any professional staff for security and tech, as well as paying to get the talent here. Any and all remaining funds raised will be donated to the charities the talent supports, such as:

  • The Multiple Sclerosis FoundationCreating A Brighter Tomorrow for individuals coping with multiple sclerosis. Supported by Rachel Miner
  • School on Wheels: a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the enhancement of educational opportunities for homeless children k-12th grade. Supported by Nicki Aycox
  • Thirst Projecta nonprofit organization that educates students about the global water crisis and challenges them to fundraise to build wells. Supported by Madison McLaughlin
  • AIDS/LifeCycle: co-produced by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center and is designed to advance their shared interests to end the pandemic and human suffering caused by AIDS. Supported by Traci Dinwiddle
  • SoCal Heartsa free camp experience that connects children who have experienced medical or life trauma, developing necessary skills and building self-esteem as a means to overcome challenges. Supported by Julie McNiven
  • VH1 Save The Music Foundationa non-profit organization committed to ensuring that music instruction is a core component to a complete education, giving children the tools and confidence to excel in academics and in life. Supported by the Girls from the 200th Episode! Katie Sarife, Joy Regullano, Vivien Armour, Janina Winkler, Alyssa Lynch, Natalie Sharp, Rachel Warkentin, and Kelli Ogmundson
  • Ghetto Rescue Ffoundationa 501(c)3 made up of Police and Fire  personnel to rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. Supported by Samantha Smith
  • Sherry Theater Center for the Artsproviding a venue where actors enjoy creating and presenting original and innovative material, a place where talent in every aspect of theater will thrive. Supported by Katherine Boecher
  • Homeboy IndustriesHelping formerly gang-involved men and women transform their lives with free services, programs and job training in social enterprises. Supported by Lauren Tom
And many more!  

Find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LadiesofSPN/

Find them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadiesofSPN

Find them on Tumblr: http://ladiesofspncon.tumblr.com/