Episode 10.17

“Inside Man” Review

 By Annie Kenney

Sam Winchester – you made me cry (again) and you made me love this week’s episode so much that I just want to go back and watch it more than once. It was everything a fan could want in a Supernatural episode and – despite the Rowena sub-plot – it was the best episode for quite a while (in my opinion of course).

Welcome back Bobby Singer and just the very sight of you makes me realize how much I’ve missed you and your wisdom. Tonight’s cameo made me question (not for the first time) why the writers made the decision to kill Bobby off (especially as they keep bringing him back). The Winchesters need a character like Bobby, they need a father figure and a go to guy. Bobby’s presence is sorely missed and I hope that we see him again before the end of the season.

This whole episode started to tie up a few loose ends while setting up some pretty grim scenarios. It was sad to see Sam keeping secrets from Dean (although I loved his French film excuse and I really want to see that particular block buster; a mime that is really a cockroach – priceless). Part of me wanted Sam and Dean to go and see a movie together but – obviously – that was never going to happen. Nice to see Sam and Castiel working together though and it is clear that they both want to save Dean from his fate.

Sam Winchester and Castiel summoning Bobby Singer

I thought it was incredibly sad to see Dean trying to be normal. Going to a bar, hustling pool, eating nachos. Even as he took money off the marks you had this awful feeling that the evening was not going to go as planned. There was bound to be a fight and the shadow of the mark would hang over it ominously. My heart leapt when I saw Dean’s eyes turn black for a second and I wondered if it was meant to be real or in Dean’s imagination. It does seem though as if the mark is going to turn Dean into a demon again and that is an extremely frightening development.

Dean Winchester

Usually I don’t like it when an episode flicks back and forth but I thought that it worked this time. There was so much going on and – as a viewer – I needed to know every single thing that was happening. Nice to see Hannah again (even though she was in a very unfamiliar vessel) and even nicer to see Metatron – he might be a creep and the angel that killed Dean but he is still a very entertaining character and I’m not entirely sure I trust him. What did shock me was seeing Castiel steal his grace and Sam shoot him in the kneecap. I have to say I didn’t see either of these things coming.

Did I mention that I love it when Sam goes all bad-ass? Well tonight he was awesome! Scary and tough, protective and determined. I hope that Sam does manage to save his brother because I don’t want to think about what will happen if he doesn’t.

It was interesting to see Rowena go after Dean to save her son and it was also interesting to see that Dean is protected (probably by the mark). I have to admit I was hoping that Dean would kill her (and put me out of my misery at least) but she used the men she had put under a spell to protect herself. (And it appears that Dean can resist the mark at the moment but who knows for how long). Good to see Dean talking to Crowley again and giving him some home truths about the meaning of family. Despite their natural enmity towards each other I actually believe that Crowley is pretty fond of Dean and still misses him. My theory was proved to be correct when he chose Dean over his mother and sent Rowena packing. Unfortunately I don’t think we have seen the last of her…

So the episode ended on a really sad letter from Bobby to Sam. Jared’s acting just blew me away. He was so subtle, his gestures really minimal, the trace of a tear in his eye. Poor Sam, he so wants to help his brother but Metatron and Castiel have gone on a road trip to find Castiel’s missing grace. Do I trust the former scribe? Not in the least and I fear that there is something he isn’t telling us.

So we have reached a bit of an impasse; Dean is still cursed with the mark and it appears to be changing him back into something demonic. Castiel has his own search and Sam is out of ideas. Will he be honest with his brother and tell Dean just what he is up to? I sincerely doubt it and I can see things getting worse before they get better.

Next week (well in two weeks on April 15) another familiar and much loved character makes a return and I am both excited and scared. There are only six episodes left and this means that we are heading towards the finale at breakneck speed. We know there is a Season 11, but we don’t know what state the Winchesters will be in when that season begins.

Cain killed Abel – his younger brother – and this fact is something that keeps running through my mind every time I try to predict just what is going to happen.

I’m excited and scared in equal measures…

  • Sandra Livingston

    I was so glad to see Bobby back. See Sam so emotional broke my heart. I want to win the Kansas documentary

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  • Sherry Nichols

    Very touching, emotional.”P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentry !”

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    • awesome review! although..xD P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!”

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        Thanks Martina!

  • Amen Annie! Everything a fan could ask for is right on the money! I’m hoping they’ve set up more Bobby in the future!
    P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

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      Connie, thanks for reading / commenting! Good luck! You’ll be entered to win!

  • I agree with your review! I love me some badass Sam and the scene where Cas steals Metatron’s grace and Sam shoots him – did not see that coming either! Good job Show!

    I hear the finale will be the most heart-wrenching since Swan Song and even today, after countless re-watchings, that one still brings a tear to my eye. I fear a restless summer is ahead for us.

    Oh, and by the way, P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

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  • Chankins04

    So happy to see I am not the only one who misses Bobby! It made me cry just to have him as a part of the story again. Maybe we can bring him back more often!
    So Loving Season 10!

    P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!!!!

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  • bjxmas

    They really did justice to Bobby in how Andrew wrote this. And I sure hope that final scene with Bobby in trouble with the angels means his story isn’t finished. The boys and I are always ready for more Bobby love & witty comments!

    ”P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentry!”

    • supportspn

      Thanks and good luck, BJ!

  • Tara C

    I think the Angels in Bobby’s room at the end meant a punishment of some kind. Will they send him back to earth? Possibly without his memory and the boys will need to find him? Do they intend to use him to get Metatron back in his cage? Will that be as a bargaining chip or he has to be the one to find him to return to heaven? It could go anywhere with this show.

    • Tara C

      Maybe I typed too long but it cut off my “P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!” in my last post.

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        LOL, no worries Tara!!! Good luck!

    • supportspn

      God, I hope you are right. I’d LOVE to have Bobby back!!!! ~Lindsay

  • I am glad that they brought Bobby back.

    • supportspn

      Oh my gosh, me too. Also, let me know if you want to be in the running for the Kansas giveaway. 😉

  • Diane Henry

    my favorite episode so far this season love me some Bobby Singer
    P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

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      Thanks for commenting and good luck, Diane!

  • Elke

    Bobby! I missed him so much. My favorite line will always be “the bobbys are getting surly.”

    Ps… I kinda wanna win a Kansas DVD. That’d be awesome.

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      Thanks for commenting and good luck, Elke!

  • JoleaB

    I adore some badass Sam! Nice review! “P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!”

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      Yes, badass Sam is SO sexy. Good luck & thanks for entering!

  • Jen

    I can see things getting worse before getting better too. I don’t trust Metatron either and I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation for what happens next!!! This was a great episode–I typically really dislike the eps where the brothers are apart and doing their own things, but this was done in a way that didn’t really keep throwing it in your face that they were apart, there was no anger/betrayal/hurt behind the reason for them being apart, so it wasn’t a painful separation. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about the episode…it had badass Sam, badass-with-a-touch-of-humor Dean (throwback to early season Dean!), badass Cas, Crowley with a pitchfork drink stirrer, a bit of pranks, plot development, *Bobby*, them being mean to Metatron….it was perfect. I have been pleased by all episodes this season–I personally felt like 9 was the worst season of the show, so this was refreshing–but I didn’t realize how much being pleased wasn’t the same as the euphoria of the earlier seasons until I watched this episode, which was so reminiscent of an early season episode that it reignited the passion and excitement that has only been present in spurts over the last couple of years.
    P.S. I want to win a Kansas Documentary

    • supportspn

      Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment Jen and good luck with the Kansas contest!

  • Barb

    Loved this episode! Great review! I honestly don’t think that Dean will have to kill Sam. Dean has never believed in “Destiny” so I think they will find a way, it’s going to hurt of course, this wouldn’t be the show we love so much if it didn’t pull our hearts out at the end of the season! Why do we do this to ourselves….right because of the BOYS! Love them 🙂

    So I’m excited and nervous for the rest of the season. Thank Chuck we have a Season 11!

    P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

  • MayhemKevin

    Agree with the review. This was one of the top episodes of Season 10.
    Was good to see Bobby back

    “P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!”

  • Patty

    Great review.All I have to say is that I cried my eyes out thanks to Jensen,Jared and Jim and I freak out just by thinking what the season finale will be.
    P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

  • uhmlyeah

    The cast have all said that the finale has some “very very bad things” happening, so I’m guessing we’ll be left with a death over the hiatus. (Does anyone know if Mark is signed through S11? Misha is but they could just use either of them at the cons. I swear, if they take out another #SPN woman (esp. Charlie) I’ll scream.) Metatron hasn’t spoken a true word since he surfaced and I don’t expect that to change. If Cas does get his grace back, he’ll prolly have to sacrifice it to get the Mark off Dean or Dean will begin the sequence Cain predicted and kill Crowley then Cas will kill himself to break the sequence. But w/SPN bad is generally really bad. There was so much I loved abt this ep. I have really wanted to see much more development in the Cas/Sam relationship. I LOVE the concept of angels thinking in colors-it’s a MUCH more freeing way to express ideas: the spectrum is vast/nuanced and angels perceive a much broader spectrum of both sound and light so the idea is beautiful/perfect. We have seen so much of Cas trying to be human and I love when we get a bit more mythology on existence as an angel. Cas remembers seeing the fish that would lead to humans&I’d like to see that experience tapped into more often. He could be a real asset to Sam’s research. Sam routinely requires a subtle performance and it is nice to see Jared get a chance to shine the light a bit more forcefully than usual. I kinda feel like Crowley HAS to have something up his sleeve, but I like the “old warriors” talk he and Dean had. The Mark may be tough on Dean, but he’s been a more thoughtful/insightful character since he got it. P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!”

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      Thank you for this thoughtful comment and good luck!

  • Hannah Brown

    This was a darned good episode!
    P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

  • Emy

    Great review! I loved that ep, it was so great to see Bobby and the Dean/Rowena fight. I hope they’ll find a way to get rid of that mark but they promised an epic final so I guess it’s not gonna be that easy.
    P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!

  • Sonia

    It was so good to see Bobby! His letter to Sam had me in tears (again) & Jared was fantastic in that scene. Great rewiew! Now i want to watch it again! 🙂 P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary.

  • Loved this entire episode, especially the scene with Dean and Crowley talking in the bar. Classic Supernatural moment!

    P.S. I want to win a Kansas documentary!