Episode 12.1

“Keep Calm and Carry On” Review

By Annie Kenney

Loud rock music, monsters, people flying through the air, Amara, Chuck and the Winchesters…and we’re back! Season 12 – can you believe it? I certainly can’t!

So – first thoughts – well one thing that has occurred to me recently is that at the end of every odd numbered Season (3,5,7,9,11) the Winchesters end up separated in some way and, consequently, at the start of the new (even numbered) Season they have to find each other.   I don’t know why this random thought passed through my mind…perhaps I have too much time on my hands.

kcacoWe start then with Dean and mom; it seems really strange to have Mary back and whether this plot works or not remains to be seen. However, at first glance, I really liked her introduction and her interactions with Dean. It was really touching to see how sad she was that her sons had been bought up as hunters and that John was dead. I also loved the glances that Dean kept sending her way. He always was a momma’s boy, in the best possible sense. In Season 2 he used his wish to have his mom alive again and now that wish has come true. We will have to wait and see if everything is sunshine and roses for Dean but somehow I have my doubts. As for Mary – she is a fish out of water – but what a tough old fish she is! Love to see her kicking ass and long may it continue.

Now we get to see Castiel for the first time and I am a little disturbed that he seems to have become quite kick ass himself. I know he has his angel mojo back (or he did) so why is he fighting with people rather than just doing what he did to the car driver in his first scene and touch their heads to knock them out! I am keeping everything crossed that Castiel actually stays as Castiel this season and that he actually has a purpose and a storyline. It was a relief to see him back too normal and again I liked his interactions with Dean and Mary (I also liked Mary’s reaction to Cas – the angels she thought were watching over her have certainly come as a bit of a shock).

ckaco2And finally Sam…what can I say? I spent most of my time cringing, hiding behind my fingers and just twitching in sympathy. Poor Sam – first the endless cold showers, then the foot burning (which was terrible to be honest) and then the drugs. When Toni went down to him I actually thought – just for a moment – he had cut his own throat and I found myself wishing that he’d squeezed harder when he had his hands around her neck. Already I don’t like these English women (and this is coming from an English woman) and I felt like cheering when one of them got her just deserts.

Nice to see Crowley again and glad that he has something concrete to do. We know that Lucifer has a new vessel at some point and I’m interested to see how that goes. I loved Mark’s portrayal so – hopefully – the new vessel is going to keep closely to that. Crowley is also kicking ass so it looks as if he is gunning for Lucifer. This new plot line seems much more sleek and compact that last season and I’m hoping it stays that way.

All in all, it was an excellent start for a series that is 12 seasons old! Fresh faces and a few plot twists, a Winchester in peril and Lucifer on the loose. My mind is haunted by that last image of Sammy sitting hurt and alone on the stairs. Soaking wet, covered in bruises and bandages and obviously full of despair. I hope it doesn’t take too long for big brother (and mom) to find him because he is breaking my heart!