Episode 12.10

‘Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets’ Review

By Annie Kenney

I don’t really know what to say to be honest; I have always been upfront about the fact that I feel angels have reached (and passed) their sell by date and this episode did not make me feel any different. I was disinterested, I wasn’t emotionally involved and, worst of all, I was bored and couldn’t wait for the closing credits. I shouldn’t feel this about my very favorite program and I can’t quite see the point of this episode which seemed randomly rammed into the season and had no relevance to anything.

Last week’s episode was so good; it was the Winchesters together, it was Sam and Dean being helped by their mom and Castiel (who had become interesting again) and it deserved a good follow up. Instead we got this arbitrary episode about Castiel’s past (in which he appeared to be a woman for no particular reason). This episode would have worked better earlier on in the Winchester’s story, in Season 8 or Season 9. I really thought (hoped) that the angel storyline would be put to bed. I liked the Lucifer storyline, I like the thought of a possible anti-Christ, I am even beginning to like Rowena and the English Men of Letters. I enjoy the Winchester’s relationship with their mom and the whole thing was tying together nicely and then this!

I can usually write that I enjoyed somethings about the episode, but the only thing I liked this week was Sam’s behavior in the car. He was like a frustrated parent on a road trip and Castiel and Dean were his wayward children. It was a funny scene, but not enough to save the story for me.

Of course, this is only my opinion and there are plenty of people out there who would have enjoyed it. Castiel has a huge fan base and they were no doubt pleased to learn more about him and his history. However, Lily was not a particularly sympathetic character despite her loss and Isham was just a horrible person with no redeeming qualities. I hope the fact that Lily is still alive doesn’t mean she will be back, because nothing worked for me and it is really disappointing and frustrating.

So, a short review and a simple 2/10 for this episode. I am sure this will prove unpopular with a lot of fans and I apologize…let’s hope next week redeems Supernatural for me because, now, I’m feeling pretty flat and uninspired!