Episode 12.8

‘Lotus’ Review 

By Annie Kenney


And so to the mid-season finale which, unfortunately, did not live up to the hype and fell into the old Supernatural trap of having ten million things happen at once. Instead of entertaining me, it left me with a spinning head and a distinct feeling of anti-climax.

A good idea to have Lucifer moving on up from business man to powerful cleric to the President of the United States but it was a good idea that, in my opinion, was badly executed and there were too many characters doing too many things and, shame upon shame, we lost sight of the Winchesters and Sam and Dean became secondary characters in their own show. Only at the very end did we have a ‘bm’ moment and that was too little too late.

So, what did I like? The creepy cleric who turned the crosses upside down – excellent and creepy. The interaction between the Winchesters, Crowley and Castiel, particularly the Sam: ‘Can we get the news without the drama?’
Crowley: ‘Can I get you without the flannel?’
exchange. Very funny and a high spot in an episode that was sorely lacking in them. I also, shock – horror, loved Rowena’s gratitude when her son exploded her latest flame! Those moments were few and far between lost in an episode which introduced far too many plot threads at once (for my confused brain at least) and went nowhere.

What didn’t I like? The introduction of Mr. Ketch who was far less threatening and scary in the flesh than he was in my imagination. The introduction of Lucifer’s sex life, all those secret service agents that seemed to be interchangeable and disposable. The sudden discovery of a device that can remove demons (and angels) from their host (what Dean would have done for that particular thing in Season 9 when he was stuck with Gadreel). All of this seemed a little shoe horned in as if the writers wanted to ram as much into the mid-season finale as they could. All they succeeded in doing was lessening the threat and tension and leaving me staring at the screen thinking ‘Meh!’

So, what do we have? The devil’s spawn who may or may not become the new big bad, the thought that Lucifer isn’t actually gone and that he is going to be back anytime soon. Castiel looking confused (silly boy letting Kelly get away like that) and the Winchesters chained up and in deep, deep trouble. Not exactly a cliff-hanger that is going to keep me on the edge of my seat until January and a huge disappointment when you think of what has come before.

I was really enjoying Season 12, it was simple, less complicated, smaller. Now, in one fell swoop, it has become over populated, confusing, and not that interesting. Hopefully the writers will pull it around but I’m feeling a bit flat now and my hopes have taken a bit of a plunge.

4/10 for this one and not an episode I’m going to be revisiting anytime soon. Let’s hope the New Year brings new life in my beloved program.