Episode 13.1


‘Lost & Found’ Review

By Annie Kenney

And just like that we’re back! May seems like only yesterday and the tragic events of ‘All Along the Watchtower really did happen. Crowley is gone, Castiel is gone, Mom is in the alternative universe and Satan’s child has just been born.

Firstly, let me say how pleased I was that there hasn’t been a time jump; secondly, and more unpopular, let me say how delighted I was that this episode primarily featured Sam & Dean and thirdly, let me state that I really, really like Jack (even though I still think that is a daft name for the spawn of the devil) but am quite disturbed that he looks a lot like Leonardo Di Caprio!!

I wouldn’t say that the episode was on the edge of my seat exciting but it was compelling and I am fascinated to see where this is going to go. I am pleased that Jack isn’t being played as an out and out villain and it looks like the Winchester brothers may well end up being his parents now that Kelly is gone and Cas is dead.

On a more negative note it is a shame that the angels are STILL around and I wasn’t exactly thrilled by ‘drunk woman’ whose purpose in life was to stab Jack with an angel blade. I did like the Sheriff and her son though and wonder if we might see them again.

The most interesting thing about the episode was the attitude of the Winchesters towards Jack; already they are falling into type. Dean wants to blast him because he’s a monster and – as usual – Sam is much more cerebral about things wanting to give Jack a chance. This might be because Sam identifies with Jack having, once, been saddled with powers he neither wanted nor, as points, could control. I thought the treatment of Jack’s powers was very subtle and I like the fact he can hear angel radio. He certainly isn’t and out and out monster and it is characters like him that make Supernatural such an interesting and compelling program.

Although we only got a glance at it, I think we will probably be seeing quite a bit of the alternative universe and I predict that it is from this source that Castiel will make his return! (Remember you heard it here first!) Happy to see that Mary and Lucifer are still alive and kicking but I’m wondering what Lucifer’s end game is. He can’t get out of the universe at the moment, so I’m not sure why he is keeping Mary alive. I guess we will find out!

So, what didn’t I like? I’m not keen on the fact that Dean is falling into that old cliché of ‘if it’s a monster, kill it’ as I thought he’d grown beyond that as a character. I know that he is miserable now but I kind of missed his wise cracking and his ‘macho’ confidence. I’m sad that Crowley is really, truly gone…He will be missed and, as I have already alluded to, angels again!!! Can’t we wave goodbye to them, cos that hat is getting kind of old!

Overall, though it was a good, solid return. There are a lot of questions to be answered and the brothers are more or less on the same page. The alternative universe gives us a lot of interesting concepts and could be the source of quite a few different and diverse characters.

So, all in all, the Winchester’s return gets a hopeful 8/10 and gives me hope for the future. I have a feeling that Season 13 is going to be one of the better seasons. The trailers suggest there will be a lot more horror and some of the scenes look damn creepy. It is going to be hard to keep Supernatural fresh but I’m sure the writers are up to the task.

Here’s to an exciting ride!