Episode 13.10

‘Wayward Sisters’ Review

By Annie Kenney

And so, to the return of Supernatural – but wait – it wasn’t really Supernatural was it? It was the backdoor pilot for the intended spin-off. So, after a long Christmas break with no Sam and Dean we returned to…well…not much Sam and Dean!

Now before anyone accuses me of being a negative nelly I will go on to say that it is a great idea – in this day and age – that there is a spin-off, new series, whatever you want to call it that is full of strong and – sometimes – interesting women. I am not against that at all. What I am against is that this pilot rocked up right after the midseason break and it was like I wasn’t watching Supernatural at all (which technically I wasn’t!).

I do think that Wayward Sisters has a good chance of being a success and power to the writers for giving two mature, ass kicking, strong women up front and starring roles. I love Jody and I love Donna and I think they make an awesome pair. Unfortunately – at the moment – I’m not 100% sure of the younger contingent. Those who have read my reviews know my feelings on Claire and, after the episode, they haven’t changed…in the least. I am sorry, and I know this upsets people, but I find her irritating and annoying and she is always so miserable and downbeat and moaning about her life. However, she does seem to have mastered hunting since we last saw her so there’s that!!

Alex, I like better; don’t know why but I just do. I guess that is the nature of TV and its characters. It is a really personal thing and what is fantastic to some people is utter rubbish for others! As for Patience and Kaia – the jury is out (well way out in Kaia’s case as she is dead and an alternative her has just arrived having just killed herself – ooh my head hurts!) I am certain that this band of sisters will bond together as each brings something to the party (even Claire) and I hope that the series is picked up and becomes a success.

For me there was too little Sam and Dean, but it was great to see them, and their chicken/lizard exchange made me smile. What I want to see now is the Winchesters back as the stars of their show. If they continue to be bit players, then I can see my interest wandering and that would be tragic.

So – 3/10 from me as an episode of Supernatural but as a pilot 8/10 with room for improvement. I did think – at one point – how wonderful it would have been if Charlie was still alive and could be part of all this – she would have been beyond awesome. I think that the new series could do with some humor but perhaps that will come in time.

So, finger’s crossed for Sammy and Dean to return next week!! Also, where is Jack?? Missed him too.