Episode 13.14

‘Good Intentions’ Review

By Annie Kenney

What is that sound? It’s the bottom of the barrel being well and truly scraped. What has happened to the show that I once loved with a passion, the show that kept me awake at night worrying about whether characters would live or die, the show that was so simple and so powerful, the show that was all about family and love and devotion…what has happened to this show?

What has made things worse is that I’ve been re-watching earlier episodes and I don’t recognize the show anymore. Kripke’s basic idea of two brothers on a road trip looking for their dad, fighting monsters and getting revenge on the yellow eyed demon has been eradicated completely. Excellent characters who we cared about are gone and replaced by people who come and go, and we just don’t give a damn.

I like to think I am a fairly intelligent person, but I’m losing track of what is happening at the moment. In fact, when I sat down to write this review I forgot why the brothers needed ingredients for a spell because I forgot what the spell was meant to do! I got confused as to why they had the angel tablet again (or was it the demon tablet), I keep forgetting that Lucifer is now controlling Heaven and why he is doing that. I usually can keep track of these things but – well – I’m just losing interest to be honest.

The alternate universe was a good idea at first, but now it is just adding to the confusion. This week there was a brief appearance from ‘alternative’ Zachariah (a younger version) but he was killed off pretty quick. We saw alternate Bobby again but it is hard to care about him because we know he isn’t our Bobby. It is all so confusing and over complicated and it is such a shame because the show has always been so good, but now it is starting to outstay it’s welcome and I wish they would give it a quick death rather than drag it out like this.

If there is one redeeming quality this season it is Jack; he is a wonderful character and Alexander Calvert plays him so well. I love him, I love his innocence and his interaction with the children. He is the one character (apart from Sam and Dean) that I care about and I pray that he doesn’t go evil because that would be heart-breaking.

So, a really sad 2/10 this week with extra marks for Jack. RIP poor old Donatello (I know he isn’t technically dead but…) and let’s pray for more Sam and Dean next week. Let’s also hope that Sam doesn’t end up knocked out again; with all the hits on his head this season I am surprised he isn’t in the same state as Donatello!!

On one last note – I REALLY miss Crowley and I wish they had bought him back. We got Castiel (um yay) so why not the King of Hell, it isn’t the same without him.

I hope that things take a turn for the better; I can’t stop watching but it is getting harder and harder to bother.