Episode 13.15

‘A Most Holy Man’ Review

By Annie Kenney

After last week I was not expecting to enjoy this episode – indeed I wasn’t even expecting to like the episode – but to my surprise I really, really liked it!

Granted there wasn’t much supernatural about it and it was more like a gangster caper, but it was sharp and to the point, there wasn’t any angels or demons involved (yay) and it was just Sam and Dean being, well, Sam and Dean – and it was all the better for it!

The brothers Winchester were excellent in this adventure and it was brilliant to have the humor that has been sadly missing from this season back with a bang. There were lots of snarky comments aimed at each other, Sam flirting (it is always refreshing when a female character – even a villain – finds Sam more attractive than Dean), a lot of action and a really interesting central character in the padre that came from Malta to get back his community’s relic. The double, double, double crosses made the episode the more thought-provoking and it was easy to see that everyone was a ‘baddie’ apart from Lucca Camilleri. It is always difficult to watch a man of faith on Supernatural given that we have already seen God, the Devil, and various heavenly hosts but Lucca was a wonderful character (who I wish we could see again) and I really wanted him to get what he had come for. It was also nice to see the Winchesters saving people again by getting the skull back for Lucca and not for money. Makes me feel warm inside.

The only downside? Sam being knocked out AGAIN. Even Dean is starting to make comments about it and, perhaps, it is a good job that Sam has such thick, luscious locks because they might very well protect him from all that damage.

Another nice touch was the twist at the end with Lucca being the most holy man of the title. It made Sam and Dean’s gesture even more meaningful and they did get what they came for which was satisfying.

I loved the quiet brother moment at the end; it was good to see where Sam’s dark mood is coming from – the fact that – whatever they do the Winchesters never seem to get a break. I guess over the years the brothers have saved the world more times than we can count and yet the world still needs saving! No wonder Sam feels so lost he must wonder if there is ever going to be an end and, as much as I love this series, I hope there is an end in sight. It would be nice to see the Winchester’s ride into the sunset or go out in a blaze of glory rather than limp along suffering from bad writing and boring plots!!

Still on a lighter note 8/10 for this episode and another strong wish that there are more episodes that feature just Sam and Dean. I know that Scooby Doo is coming next and I just cannot wait. This looks as if it will be an awesome episode and I hope it lives up to the hype.