Episode 13.2

‘The Rising Son’ Review

By Annie Kenney

Before I review the latest episode, I have a confession to make. This is that I have always been a bit of a Sam girl…this doesn’t mean, for a minute, that I don’t like Dean and there have been times when I’ve felt so sorry for him and angry at Sam. However, I have always found Sam the more interesting character. He appears to have more layers and many shades of grey, whilst Dean is more black and white. Now let me stress that this is only my opinion and it might not be a popular one, but I feel that, in Season 13, Dean has become a bit of a clichéd character and it is annoying me!

We know, from previous seasons, that Dean has often been a shoot now – ask questions later type person. The only time this hasn’t been true is when it came down to Sam. Whether Sam was soulless or hooked on demon blood, whether Sam was showing his powers or moving things with his mind, Dean refused to kill him and always looked to find excuses for his behavior or try to save him. I love this side of Dean, love the fact he is such a protective big brother and, recently, I thought he had changed his we kill everything evil line for something a little bit more down the middle. However, the introduction of Jack seems to have sent Dean backsliding and now he has gone back to the I’ll be the one to kill you behavior of earlier seasons.

One of the problems is that, in my humble opinion, Jack is so damn likeable! Whoever chose the actor who plays him made an excellent choice because he has the right amount of innocence and vulnerability, but when he does use his powers he is pretty scary and quite creepy too. It is hard to know which way Jack is going to go but already he thinks of the Winchesters as his friends and, already, he has saved them from certain death.

So, after that, what about the episode? I liked it but there was, as there often is, too much going on. I’m not so sure about the new sheriff in town because I’m so fed up with demons and angels and wanted something a bit different this year. What was interesting is that Asmodeus seems to have chosen to wear the same white suit that Lucifer wore whilst inside of Sam in Season 5’s The End. Maybe white suits are evil (tell that to John Travolta or Elvis) but they certainly seem to be the demon’s apparel of choice!!

It was good to see Donatello again, but I really thought he was dead! I’d actually forgotten that Amara sucked out his soul, so it was quite a surprise when he turned up. He isn’t acting very soulless but perhaps it is because he is a prophet of the Lord or something. Added to that, in the alternative universe, we met Michael again!! So many characters – so little time – as it often does Supernatural did make my head spin a little and I am still trying to get my head around everything that happened. Is Asmodeus the new big bad? Will we see the Shedim who sort of half crawled out of Hell before Jack slammed them back? Why is Lucifer keeping Mary alive? Why is Michael keeping Lucifer alive?? So many questions and few answers and it looks as though next week’s episode is a stand-alone, so we aren’t going to learn anything anytime soon.

I would give this episode a solid 7/10 because it did hold my interest and there are quite a few tasty plot lines developing. It loses marks for too much demon/angel action as usual but that is just my pet dislike and I think I may be in the minority.

So, I’ll end as I began; I really, really hope that the Dean we know, and love comes back soon. I get he is upset about Cas and mom, but his behavior and actions seem really out of character and he appears to have slipped back nearly ten seasons with his its evil we should kill it mantra. That said, I guess you could also say that Sam is also falling into that cliché by being soft spoken, kind and so damn reasonable about the whole Jack thing…

I’m sure it will work out in the end, but until then there are plenty of other things for me to worry about!!