Episode 13.3

‘Patience’ Review

By Annie Kenney

Oh Dean – you are breaking my heart right here and now; you had me screaming at the screen and you had me with my head in my hands in utter frustration. Oh Jensen – excellent acting, because I really, really don’t like Dean’s behavior at the moment and, yet you make me feel something deep down inside. What a terrible conundrum…

So, the latest episode – the best one so far in my opinion and one that looked back into past seasons in many different ways. Firstly, with the reintroduction of Missouri (who we haven’t seen for 12 years, but who looks just the same as far as I can remember) and secondly with talk of Sam’s powers. Both were integral to the episode and it certainly gave us plenty to think about.

There were two distinctive threads: one was the monster of the week a pretty creepy wraith with a taste for psychics and the second, Jack’s powers and Sam’s attempts to help him control them. These two threads were interesting and kept me hooked and I really liked the introduction of Patience, who was a great character with a lot of likability. This was a really well-written and excellently performed episode and I hope it has set the tone for the rest of the season.

It was a shame that Missouri was introduced and lost so quickly, but it did add to the pathos of the episode. It also gave us an insight to how Dean is really feeling as his disgust at Missouri’s son (‘You pushed away your own mother’) showed us where his mind is at. He is clearly grieving for his lost mom and it is driving him to behave in such an awful way towards Jack.

Jack; I adore him, he is so vulnerable and such a sympathetic character and I just want to give him a hug. What is excellent right now is how there is a clear comparison being drawn between Jack and Sam. Both never knew their mother, both had powers they neither wanted or control and both could very well go dark side. We know how Sam’s story ended but we have no idea what is going to happen to Jack. Despite what Dean says I am absolutely convinced that Sam does not just care about Jack as some sort of portal opener but really does care about him because he can actually empathize with him. Sam has been there – done that and he is determined that he will save Jack in the same manner that Dean saved him.

What did I like about this episode? Just about everything to be honest. I am always pleased to see Jody, Patience wasn’t at all annoying or irritating. Sam’s interaction with Jack was wonderful and the moment when Jack saw his mom was heartbreaking. I can’t say there was anything I didn’t like, apart from the fact it was quite glum and lacked humor, but this seems to have been a constant in this season partially because Dean is so upset and grieving so we are missing his quick wit and his quirky come backs. I did have one moment of unintentional humor when Sam came to Jack with the pencil he wanted him to move…at first, I genuinely thought that Sam had a magic wand in his hand!! I have no idea why I thought that, but it did make me chuckle to myself.

The final scene between Sam and Dean was awesome. The chemistry between the two main actors has certainly paid off over the years and they slip into the Winchester’s skin with such ease. I wanted to punch Dean and hug Sam but even though I am screaming at Dean I still feel some sympathy for him. I just wish he would have some more patience with poor old Jack.

And the end? Where is Cas? Is it the empty? I have no idea but it is clear that Jack has some influence in what is going to happen. When is Castiel going to return to the bunker and cheer up Dean? Soon I hope!

So, a solid and well deserved 9/10 for the episode. I am really enjoying Season 13 and can’t wait to see what happens next!