Episode 13.6

‘Tombstone’ Review

By Annie Kenney

Tombstone was a great film! That is the most positive thing I am going to say right now, so if you don’t like negative comments then pass on by…

What has happened to our show? What has happened to two guys in a classic car traveling the back roads and hunting monsters? Yes, I believe things should move on, must move on if they are going to stay current, but I also believe that means getting better and – this season – is just going from bad to worse to horrible!

I thought, for a moment, that it was the crossover episode with Scooby Doo there were so many people in it! Castiel is back from the empty – yay – but let’s not dwell on that, let’s get a hug from everyone out of the way, a quick five-minute discussion of how he got back from the dead and then back to the bunker for another hug from Jack (your dad is back really??) and off we go for a moment of supposed comedy which involves Dean (who is suddenly Mr. Happy again and seems to have forgotten his grief for mom) and cowboys – laugh – I never started!

There was so much wrong with yesterday; what was up with Sam? He seemed off from the get go (perhaps Jared hated the episode as much as I did), but then it might be that he had little or nothing to do but wander around graveyards and look concerned when Jack accidentlaly killed someone. As for Dean he went from miserable, moody, and moaning to a little boy who was obsessed with the old West. There is nothing remotely funny about Castiel in a stupid hat – nothing! In fact, the only time I laughed was the classic ‘He is an angry sleeper – like a bear’ line. Brilliant, but hardly worth me staying up for!

So, what did we learn? That Jack can’t actually control his powers very well and accidentally killed someone. Ghouls pretending to be old West cowboys can have romances with morticians and – um – well that is about it. There was no tension, no horror, no real character, and you just didn’t care what happened…in fact – and this has never happened before – I dozed off during one of the scenes! What an awful thing to happen. I woke up this morning feeling very depressed as I adore this show so much and it has been part of my life for so long but after Tombstone I am unsure if I can keep my enthusiasm going and that would be awful.

So, I give it a feeble 2/10 – for the bear line and the fact that Sam is pretty! All I can hope is that something now happens. My guess is that Cas will go off looking for Jack and the brothers will do something together (please writers – please). I don’t want my love affair with Supernatural to end like this…

And I miss Crowley!!