Episode 13.7

‘War of the Worlds’ Review

By Annie Kenney

After last week I was expecting not to like this episode. After last week I could hear the distinct sound of a large barrel being scraped and after last week I was seriously considering not watching Supernatural again…

So, it came as a relief to me that, against my better judgement, I really enjoyed the episode. Not sure why, but it was just more cohesive than last week, and I was extremely pleased to see Ketch again – slimy Brit that he is. I just wish he had Mick with him, but we can’t have everything.

I think one of the reasons I liked the episode was Lucifer. He is one of my favorite characters (even though he is pure evil and has been nasty – nay – awful to Sam) and I adore the way Mark Pellegrino plays him. Surprisingly his presence gave more credence to Castiel’s story (but again with the angels – when will it end?) and Jack’s disappearance gives them a reason to form an uneasy alliance.

If I had one criticism it would be that Sam and Dean are beginning to become irrelevant in their own series. They have very little purpose this season and, at the moment, Dean shouts a lot and Sam looks worried. They got to do a bit of demon beating in this episode and I was glad Dean was instantly suspicious of Ketch (an identical twin – really). Sam is getting too trusting in his old age! I always loved this program because I invested in these two characters and, at the moment, I am not feeling invested enough. Hopefully that will change.

So, what did I like? The whole Lucifer thing, his interactions with Castiel and their search for Jack. Alternative universe Kevin was priceless and kudos to Osric for changing Kevin’s character subtly, so we recognized him but saw the differences too. I liked that there was some humor and a smooth narrative, and I even found myself liking Cas for a while (the horror!)

What didn’t I like? I don’t like Asmodeus. He isn’t chilling or frightening or even that scary. He is a bit silly to be honest and I hate that he is a Southern gentleman wearing a white suit. He isn’t half the yellow eyed demon Azazel was! I also must question one thing…why didn’t Sam and Dean burn Ketch’s bones? These brothers who know so much about the afterlife and restless spirits must surely have seen him as a threat even beyond the grave. It seems awfully out of character for them to stuff him in a piped somewhere so that bit of the episode jarred a bit.

So, a good 6/10 and a much better episode than last weeks; things are being set up nicely and I am really left wondering when we are going to see Jack again – I miss him already.