Episode 13.8

“The Scorpion and the Frog” Review

By Annie Kenney

Eight episodes in and, finally, there is an episode that I want to watch again!! This was, to me, the best episode of the season so far and why?? Because we went back to basics and it was just Sam and Dean (and a few random helpers) doing what they do best – being Winchesters!

This was good old fashioned Supernatural at it’s very finest. It had humor and it had a cohesive story. There were no angels (ok so there were a couple of demons, but I can live with that), there was no annoying flipping from one story to another and there wasn’t a massive group of people rammed into the Impala. There was Sam, there was Dean and that, to me, is perfection.

I really loved the interaction between the brothers in this episode; Dean was back to being sarcastic and wise-cracking (back to being Dean in all honesty) and Sam was back to being clever and bright and having awesome ideas (but more of that later). I also liked Smash and Grab – and their presence made the episode a bit like a heist caper which only added to the amusement.

One thing I want to take up with Dean though is his comment about Alice’s boots ‘Hey Winona – the nineties called – they want their boots back’ – sorry Dean but I have a pair of boots just like that – bought about two months ago from a high street store!! I’ll have you know they are very cool – so less of the smarts!

Seriously though I liked Alice’s character and don’t – like a lot of other people – think she was a poor man’s Charlie. I thought she was laid back and cool and I hope we see her again. She fitted in well with the brothers and worked well with Dean even though she thought he was ‘just a pretty face’.

It was good to see the brothers doing something for once instead of being on the periphery. I loved Sam being the one to keep Luther out of the way and that he was intelligent and geeky enough to recognize that one of his artifacts wasn’t what he thought it was. Better yet I loved Sam’s idea and watching Luther speed through his own trap being hit with darts was far more amusing than it should have been!!

It was a shame that, after all their hard work, the brothers didn’t get their summoning spell and that Jack is still in the wind, but it was great to hear Dean so positive and to see that they were taking positives from saving people again. I just wish there were more episodes like this one – I could live with that!

So, what did I like? Everything and there was actually nothing I didn’t like!! The whole thing was a solid 10/10 and I shall be watching it again. I know it won’t last and, eventually, everyone will be back and rammed into the Impala but let me have my moment of joy!!

Next week is the midseason finale – so let’s see what they have in store for us!!