Episode 13.9

‘The Bad Place’ Review

By Annie Kenney

Well it was too good to last (one episode – just one episode) but Sam and Dean have – again – become observers in their own story and the writers have had a field day by throwing character after character after character at us until my head was spinning! The only plus side – Jack’s back!

I was left in a bad place after the last episode to be honest. I just wish that the writers would calm down a little. I know it is the mid-season finale, but we don’t have to have every man and his dog in it do we? Dream walkers, angels (no – no – no), psychics, Sheriff Mills, someone’s dad and, bringing up the rear, Sam, Dean, and the Impala. I’m not sure why we had to meet everyone at once but meet everyone we did until I got totally confused as to who was who and who was doing what!!

I understand that we are coming up to the backdoor pilot for Supernatural Wayward Sisters or whatever it is going to be called but I am not particularly interested in the spin off (so sue me – I don’t have to watch it!) and just want to go back to watching the Winchesters. I understand that is going to make me unpopular, but I don’t particularly care. We all have our likes and dislikes and we all have our opinions, and this is mine!

So, what did I like about this episode? Not a great deal. Dean was all shouty and not at all likeable, pointing guns at the dream walker that Jack found (I think her name was Kaia) and being generally bossy! (Although I did like the fact he is now liking Jack). Sam was back to being in the background – doing the occasional bit of research and generally hanging about looking frowny and worried (at one point I was so spaced out I realized that Sam was wearing a new jacket) and the action spun around them. I think I liked the end and the fact that Sam and Dean are standing in a giant footprint! They have obviously gone to some sort of lizard world (Jurassic Park perhaps?) while Jack has found poor old Mary. I don’t know where Kaia is, but it looked like Earth so hopefully she might be able to get Sam and Dean back. They are clearly in her bad place so that might help a bit!

What didn’t I like? Angels again – they bore the pants off me now and I’m glad they appear to be dying out. All the characters rammed in to 45 minutes instead of a nice slow build and the general rush to get the story out before the big finish. I’m worried for Sam and Dean but can’t bring myself to care about anyone else. I know that Kaia, Patience, and Jody are going to be ok because they are in the spin-off!! I don’t want Jack to go dark side because I really care about him and I can’t help but wonder where Castiel is at this point!

So, 5/10 – for the ending alone…am I looking forward to January 18th…not sure and that worries me…help me show and please, please go back to the Supernatural I have loved for decades else I fear the worst…