Episodes 13.11 through 13.13

“Breakdown,” “Various & Sundry Villains” & “Devil’s Bargain” Reviews

By Annie Kenney

Firstly, forgive me. I have been suffering from a virus so terrible that it may have been SUPERNATURAL in origin! I’m still a bit all over the place and have only just managed to catch up with the show so – if you will allow me – here is a recap/review of the last three episodes. I have various feelings about them all, loved one, liked another, hated the other!! I could make you guess but I’m going to come right out and say that, of the three, my very favorite was Breakdown.

This was an excellent, classic Supernatural episode; it was also pretty damn scary and the villain (s) of the piece were extremely creepy. The whole thing tied together wonderfully too and there was enough Sam and Dean to go around and please everyone. I particularly liked seeing things from Sam’s point of view which in itself is unusual. It was horrible to see him tied down and to see those monsters bidding for various parts of him. Despite this I thought the idea of Breakdown really worked and would make a good film plot. I like Donna a lot too and it was interesting to see a different side to her as well. She is usually comic relief but this time she was really in deep and my heart went out to her when she lost Doug.

If I was to have one criticism it would be that Sam’s depression and black mood seemed to come out of nowhere. He was ok when they went into The Bad Place but when they came out – well – Sam was in a bad place of his own. At one point I wondered if this was another version of Sam come from one of the alternative universes (do you think the show would go there?) But it appears to be our Sam and we can only hope that things start going better for him so that he cheers up and becomes inspirational again.

After Breakdown I was optimistic and Various and Sundry Villains wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t like it as much as Breakdown, but it was entertaining enough, and I was glad to see some comic relief back in the show again. The sisters were a tad annoying and I wasn’t sorry to see them kill each other but I was quite glad to see Rowena again and it made me realize that she has become a much more likeable and three-dimensional character who actually has a purpose. Her fear of Lucifer and her conversation with Sam in the car was heart wrenching and I don’t blame Sam for letting her have the page she needed to cast her spell. She seems to be very powerful now, so I hope she uses her powers for good this time. On a final note I was moved by Rowena’s surprising grief for Crowley and – hey – I miss him too.

Which moves us on to Devil’s Bargain – oh dear – this was one of those episodes that makes my head spin; evil Colonel Sanders, Castiel, Lucifer, Donatello, the Winchesters, angels (again) and a faith healer!! Plus, the return of a certain archangel. There was too much going on in this episode and I was left wondering what the heck? There was also the introduction of the Archangel blade…where did this come from? Wasn’t Gabriel killed with a normal angel blade? I’m fairly certain that he was so this new weapon appears to be a bit unexpected!

I also must confess that I am not a great fan of married couples working together. I oddly think they have very little chemistry, but I suppose it doesn’t matter in this particular case. Danneel Ackles was ok as Sister Jo but I was so confused by this time that I found myself thinking that she had nice color of hair and that I liked her blouse (OK I was bored – so sue me).

So, in conclusion – 10/10 for Breakdown – 7/10 for Various and Sundry Villains and 4/10 for Devil’s Bargain. Consequently, I still don’t know if I really like Season 13 or if I am harking back to the good old days when the brothers hunted monsters and the angels were just a thing Dean didn’t believe in. To me it is more episodes like Breakdown and less like Devil’s Bargain. But that is just me and others may think differently.

We must wait till March to see what happens next so fingers crossed it is all worth waiting for…like this review!!