Episode 5.21

“Two Minutes To Midnight” Review
By Amanda Rebholz

As I mentioned before, the turn that this season has taken has left me with my jaw on the ground, amazed at the execution the writers have been exhibiting. Gone are the fluff and filler scenes, and missing are the unnecessary characters; what we have now is raw, lean meat, all of the fat trimmed off and only prime left behind.

Pestilence was the coolest of the three Horsemen thus far, a malicious son of a bitch… but ironically his arrogance was the cause for the end of him. The only Horseman who did not exhibit arrogance in such a way that it would cause his downfall was Death; when you are as ubiquitous and eternal as Death, your own ego doesn’t need inflating. The acting on these final two Horsemen was my favorite, but honestly Death blew me out of the water; that was a wicked, beautiful portrayal by all of the actors who played the quartet.

I have to say, Crowley is my favorite secondary character at the moment, second only to my beloved Castiel. He may very well be playing them Ruby-style, but I doubt it; something about him is so earnest and genuine, where she always seemed like a shady skank from the get-go. Crowley is hilarious, snarky, intelligent and clever, everything an anti-hero needs. I love his interactions with Bobby, from taking an iPhone photo of their deal-sealing kiss to adding in the clause about being able to walk. Seems that our favorite disgruntled Hunter has met his match!

I love how last season was sort of the Dean Show, focusing primarily on Dean’s emo antics as he faced the reality of the things he’d done in Hell and tried to atone for them; this season has been more focused on Sam’s struggles. Last season many of the fans were ready to call Sam out for being a self-indulgent brat; this season he has matured phenomenally and finally become the beautiful, strong soul we all knew he could be all along. He is not only a force to reckon with, he is dead reckoning come to life; he is intense beyond measure and has proven his merit. Next week’s episode is going to give me a coronary, I can already tell.