Episode 6.2

“Two and a Half Men” Review
By Bekah James

After last week’s episode left me cold, I approached 6.02 (“Two and a Half Men”) with trepidation. I hunkered down with my Yellow-Eyed Martini and hoped for the best. The set up scene gave me hope—blood and gore, yay!—but seeing Dean’s look of doubt and longing in his new garage wrenched it away. I didn’t want to feel the weight of another emotionally heavy episode rift with will they or won’t they (reunite and uncover the damn Impala). My hope took another sucker punch when Sam dismissed the missing babies out of hand. He told Dean in 6.01 that he didn’t care anymore, and his flippancy about the babies highlighted the validity of that statement.

Speaking of Sam, what’s up with all the secrecy? He is dealing in half truths and obfuscation that can only mean he is into something he knows is wrong—and that Dean would not approve of. He obviously knew about the Alpha Shifter theory, but instead of telling Dean about the plan to lure the Alpha out using the baby as bait, he begged ignorance. My money is still on Sam being an integral member of the Campbell Family Monster Search and Capture Team. I realize that there has been no direct link between Samuel’s cryptic talk surrounding the trapping of the monsters, but I can see it on the horizon as clear as the rising sun. I’m curious to find out where they are keeping the monsters, especially after Samuel gives the order to “box [the shifter] up.”

Also, where does Sam get off telling the Campbells about Dean’s experiences in the Pit? I was stunned into mouth-guppying silence when Christian brought up Dean’s time as a torturer in Hell. There are some secrets you keep, Sam, especially when you are determined to keep your own experiences downstairs under lock and key. I’m curious to see if Dean ever calls his brother to account for that betrayal. Okay, did anyone else fall a little in love with Lisa in this episode? She agreed to move from the house she owned to satisfy Dean’s need to (over)protect. She rocked Gun Assembly 101, complete with a sardonic look and flawless hair. And most awesome of all, she gave permission to Dean to return to the hunt. She said what we were all thinking—Dean is no construction worker; he is a hunter! Where can I get a Lisa to call my own? I think she may be the perfect woman, or more to the point, the perfect woman for Dean.

Is it wrong that my hope lurched to its feet and gave a girly squeal when Dean yelled at Ben? Well, if it’s wrong… then I don’t want to be right! It was a flash of the Dean we all fell in love with so many years ago, and I could not have been happier. As the minutes ticked by, I saw more and more of Dean peeking out, especially by way of his infamous one-liners. I laughed out loud several times during this episode, specifically:
“You gonna be a man about it?”
“I’m a freaking headcase!”
“Da-da-daaa-da-da-dada….” << Okay, so not technically a quote, but Dean humming “Smoke On the Water” to little Bobby John was truly magical

There were moments in this episode that I got truly excited about… and then felt guilty for liking. I mean, really, should I be excited when a baby explodes in a gooey mess on a wall? Or when Mark Campbell is murdered? Or when Dean tears a hunk of flesh off a shape shifting granny? I think the answer is a resounding YES!

I found it very interesting and telling when the boys were forced into giving the baby a name in the grocery store. Dean dubbed him “Bob” while Sam went with “John.” It seems the brother’s individual perception of their father has altered somewhat. In Seasons past, I would have anticipated Sam to name Bobby and Dean to say John. Could it be that Sam’s time in Hell gave him a newfound appreciation and late-blooming respect for John Winchester? Could it also be that Sam’s time in Hell had the opposite effect on Dean? Okay, here it is. The moment we have all been waiting for: The Impala’s return! I confess to having a great love of Dean’s pick-up truck, but I yearned for the Metallicar. The rebirth of “Smoke on the Water” was perfect for the historic—and dramatic—uncovering of a beloved character. The addition of a very Dean-like jacket made the moment even more awesome. My hope was possessed by a hyperventilating fangirl and promptly did an impressive Triple Lindy into a pool of giddiness. Now—NOW—Supernatural is back in business!

The writing this week (Andrew Glass) was outstanding, with zippy dialogue and just-deep-enough conversations. The music set a perfect tone, stretching my nerves to their limits and then setting them on edge. This episode is knocking at the door of my Top Ten Favorites list. The story, the building mystery, the humor, the Impala… if Castiel had made an appearance, I wouldn’t hesitate to let it in! Bekah’s Been Drinking (But Not Much!):

This week, I went with the Name Game. I drank whenever Dean said “Sam/Sammy” or Sam said “Dean” or Bobby said “idjit.” Sadly, I did not drink much. There was no Bobby, and surprisingly, the brothers kept their name calling to a minimum. My count for the week: TWO! Did I miss something? Join me next week: Drink for every tilt of Cas’s head, every crinkle of Sam’s brow, and every lick of Dean’s lips.