Episode 8.1

“We Need To Talk About Kevin” – 10 Things I Liked!

By Lindsay Warren

Written by: Sera Gamble
Directed by: Robert Singer
Music: “Carry On My Wayward Sons” by Kansas, “Vincent” by Don McLean, “Born To Be Bad” by Steppenwolf

Supernatural is back! In no particular order, here are 10 things that rocked about the season 8 premier!

– Dean and his cheeseburger: “Dude, it’s a burger.” “It’s a treasure.”

– Classic rock is back!

– The Winchester hug: need I say more?!

– Flashbacks! I love when television shows fast-forward in time and we get to see what happened in the past piece by piece!

– Dean smelled Sam’s dog in the Impala. Priceless.

– My home state of Michigan was mentioned in an episode again!

– I know Sam hit the dog, but I love that he was so adamant about saving it. (Much like Jared’s love for animals in real life.)

– Kevin is a bad ass hunter!

– Crowley is sarcastic as ever. SO glad he’s back!

– The new myth arc – closing the gates to hell forever. You mean this show might have a happy ending? Yes please.

What did YOU like about “We Need To Talk About Kevin”? Leave your favorites here!