Episode 8.13

“Everybody Hates Hitler” Review
By Annie Kenney

My first thought during the opening five minutes of this episode was that it was Supernatural meets Raiders of the Lost Ark! The set up was excellent and very exciting and I really, really liked the Golem.

Last week’s episode always seemed a little out of sync to me and I really thought that it belonged in one of the earlier seasons. However, having seen ‘Everyone Hates Hitler’ I now realise that the introduction of the Men of Letters was very relevant to THIS season and I kind of wish that they had begun this plot line a lot earlier because I am already starting to like this half of the season far more than the last half.

Back to the action and this was classic Supernatural. It was as if Benny and Amelia never existed as Sam and Dean bonded; found a home base (something they haven’t really had since Bobby’s house burned down), a fantastic library for Sam to geek over and a power shower for Dean! As a big brothers together fan it was great to see them working in tandem in a way that only the Winchesters can and it was also refreshing to see them fall into their roles of old – Sam researching (getting his geek on) and Dean flirting and being snarky.

The introduction of Aaron Bass was fantastic and the character was instantly likeable and very sympathetic. His confusion and his reluctance to be the last one of Judah Initiative made him someone the audience could immediately empathise with. The fact that he was more irritated and annoyed with the Golem rather than terrified of it made him both amusing and interesting and I secretly hope we haven’t seen the last of him.

The only disappointment was that the ‘baddies’ in this episode were just not that scary. For Nazi necromancers they were frighteningly easy to kill and there was a distinct lack of tension or terror. They just weren’t threatening enough and you felt as if you could destroy them even if you didn’t have a Golem!

The Men of Letters certainly has added to the Supernatural mythology in a positive way and hopefully it will continue to feature in future episodes. The Winchesters are certainly a very interesting family as they are descended from hunters and members of a secret society. They have already had gospels written about them and now they are described as legacies. This storyline could run and run and there are endless possibilities within it. The idea of a society that clandestinely protects the world is not a new one but, as usual, Supernatural has put a whole new spin on the concept and this week’s episode has set the scene nicely.

Another thing that was fantastic about the episode was that it was packed full of humour (not surprising because it was written by Ben Edlund) and quirkiness rather than the misery and angst which seemed to linger over the first half of the season. Everything from Dean in his ‘dead guy’s dressing gown’ to Sam warming his hands over the Nazi necromancer that they salted and burned was played for laughs. Reveals such as Aaron smoking the Golem manual to Sam finding the bird watching book, Dean having gay things and the librarian with a bug up his ass will go down as archetypal Supernatural moments. Fans tend to love these episodes and this one will certainly end up on a lot of fans ‘Top Ten lists’.

This half of the season certainly seems to be shaping up nicely and is – in my opinion – far superior to the first half. It reminds fans of the Supernatural of old, two brothers in an old 1967 Chevy saving people and hunting things. Sam and Dean are back in the family business, partners again, playing to each other’s strength. Dean has stopped mooning over Castiel and Benny and is becoming the snarky, determined, brave big brother that we all love. Sam’s multi-colour flashbacks have ceased and he seems more than happy to spend hours in the ‘bat cave’ researching and cataloguing hunts.

The last four episodes have been almost faultless and Supernatural has become something to look forward to again. This particular episode was extremely enjoyable, funny, exciting and interesting. There was the introduction of some thought-provoking characters and, best of all, plenty of brother moments to satisfy even the most exacting Supernatural fan.

And, on a shallower note, what normal girl would not be excited by the sight of Sam in a sweater and jacket combo? It really shouldn’t be hot but it certainly was!!

Can’t wait for next week…