Episode 8.16

“Remember the Titans” Review
By Annie Kenney

Greek myths are cool and there is no denying it. Plenty of films have been made about them (some good, some bad) and they still resonate with today’s audience so the introduction of Prometheus was an excellent one to the canon and, personally, it was really sad that he had to die for good at the end of the episode because he is a character that it would have been nice to see again. (I secretly hope that one day Sam & Dean will meet a Gorgon!).

This episode was bitter sweet, it was as much about the human condition as anything else and it was easy to see how all the threads of the story ran side by side. Sam keeping secrets from Dean, Hayley keeping secrets from ‘Shane’, everyone believing (wrongly in my opinion) that they were acting in the others best interest.

It is now an open secret that there is something wrong with Sam. Coughing up blood is not something to be ignored but – in typical Sam fashion – Sam seems determined to hide it away and pretend it isn’t happening. It is obvious that Dean knows, he is now in full-on big brother mode and it is clear that he is very, very worried about his brother. Things will – no doubt – come to a head in the next few episodes and, at the moment, it is hard to know what. No one knows what the next trial will be but it is apparent that Sam is going to need help, that he is certainly going to need Dean to back him up and, although he appears reluctant to drag his brother in, we all know that Dean’s involvement will be inevitable.

This episode was full of classic Supernatural brother moments and humour (I loved the banter between Sam & Dean) and the “What do we know of that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot and has a history with violent women?” “I don’t know, you?” exchange was priceless!

It is a shame that Supernatural’s budget restraints always mean that Gods and monsters are usually potrayed as humans. It would have been ace to see Zeus in his full Greek get-up throwing thunderbolts. Personally I didn’t find him all that threatening in his suit. He was rather small and insignificant and Artemis was much better. (I am a real fan of sassy women!). The little boy that played Prometheus’s son was cute without being sickly and the scene with him and Sam towards the end was wonderful. It is quite rare to see Sam interact with children as it is usually Dean. Sam clearly felt some empathy for the little boy and his concern made me tear up a little!

The conversation in the Impala was stark and unexpected. The fact that Prometheus, a man who had been up to this point indestructible, had died obviously made Sam question his decision. It was really odd to hear one of the Winchester’s admit they were scared but reassuring when Dean told Sam he was going to be alright. It was clear that Dean was trying to encourage himself as much as Sam and his heart-felt prayer to Castiel in the final moments of the episode bought genuine tears to my eyes.

No one can do pathos like Jensen does with those wide green eyes and that pleading expression and this episode was no exception. Part of me wonders if Dean will – eventually – have to take up some of the slack as far as the trials are concerned. I’m convinced that Kevin never specified that only one person could do them but whether that is a possibility remains to be seen.

The whole episode was really good, the upcoming trials and their effect were still front and centre whilst the brothers made every effort to save Prometheus and his son. There were obvious similarities between Prometheus and the Winchesters, namely the fact that both had saved humanity at a huge cost to themselves and that both were still suffering for it. Without Prometheus’s sacrifice man would have perished pretty quickly or certainly left at the mercy of monsters etc and the same could easily be said of the brothers. As an audience we see them sacrifice themselves on an almost weekly basis, saving people, hunting things, the family business.

Unlike last week’s episode, this week didn’t feel like a filler, a random monster of the week episode to keep the audience reasonably happy. There was a point to this episode as it explored, both through the Winchesters and other characters, the nature of sacrifice, family, danger and the ever present spectre of death.

There is going to be a Season 9 and it is already interesting to speculate what is going to happen in that season. In the last few weeks there have been several new characters who we have met and who have stayed alive. We know Charlie is coming back and also Castiel but we have also met Aaron and his Golem, the witch and familiar from last week and now Artemis has walked away unscathed as have Hayley and her son. As an avid viewer I can’t help but wonder if we are going to meet these characters again in Season 9 and, if we do, what road the boys are going to be travelling. (although I hope they are travelling it together!).

So an excellent episode, well acted, great characters, an interesting and well-known myth, caring big brother, tear jerking moments and a huge concern for Sam that keeps me awake at night!

How are we going to survive the next two weeks??