Episode 8.18

“Freaks and Geeks” Review
By Annie Kenney

After the runaway roller coaster that was last week’s episode, Supernatural slowed right back down again. This week’s episode was one of those frustrating fillers, interesting enough, but not really what you want to see at this stage in the game.

There was nothing wrong with the episode, it was enjoyable and a bit of a ‘Who done it?’ Kick ass kids, creepy vampires and a hunter who had, like most hunters before him, clearly gone off the rails!

The character of Krissy Chambers hadn’t really grabbed me the first time I saw her in ‘Adventures in Babysitting’. She was a bit of a moaning, irritating teenager who was fairly insulting to the Winchesters. As far as returning characters are concerned she wasn’t one I was longing to see again but, to be fair, her situation fitted in very well with the theme of the episode.

Victor was suitably slimy and creepy and hard to warm too. Even though his home seemed to be pleasantly domesticated with the kids encouraged to do their schoolwork and make their own breakfasts, there was an underlying unease about the whole set-up and it was fairly obvious from the start that there was something else going on.

There weren’t enough brothers working together moments in this episode but as usual the audience’s sympathies were with both Sam and Dean. Victor’s conversation with Sam about him having a family was heart-wrenching. I honestly thought Sam was going to say ‘No’ when Victor asked him about having children but the fact he didn’t made the conversation even sadder. Even now, after all that has happened, Sam still wants domestic & normal and the whole audience are hoping and praying that, one day, he actually gets it.

Dean’s concern for Krissy showed that he is still a big brother, still looking out for vulnerable youngsters and trying to persuade them to leave hunting and have a normal life. Dean carries so much guilt about his family, blaming himself both for his dad’s death and for Sam’s predicament. Deep down Dean doesn’t care about himself (this has been very, very clear in Season 8 – particularly during Dean’s speech in ‘Trial & Error’) and just wants life to be good for those people he cares about (the few that are left alive). If fans could have one wish then it would be for both Dean & Sam to ride off into the sunset and get a happy life with lots of rug rats and a white picket fence. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem likely and, from what happened in this week’s episode, it very rarely happens to other hunters either (even fledgling ones like Krissy and her companions).

This episode was a reasonable one, nothing that took the myth-arch further, but one that someone new to Supernatural could watch and enjoy as a standalone. The characters were sympathetic and the villain suitably evil (even if he did wear a very naff sweater). There was Dean being Dean (cracking jokes and being snarky to hide his inner pain) and Sam being Sam (looking totally concerned and worried, getting hit on the head again!) and everything was tied off neatly. However it is not an episode that a real fan would particularly rewatch or revisit.

What really excited me this week was the preview for next week’s episode! Sam going to hell, Dean getting back with Benny, that good soul who is trapped in hell (lots of guesses on the web from John to Bobby!). Sam in Purgatory (or so it seems), Crowley and his evil schemes.

The Season is drawing to a close now and, I feel, there will be no more filler episodes just a frantic rush downhill towards the finale and what might lay ahead for the Winchesters. History tells us it won’t be pleasant but, personally, I can’t wait!