Episode 8.22

“Clip Show” Review
By Annie Kenney

Sam Winchester makes me cry.

That is just one thing I have to say about this week’s episode. As the season draws to an end I am feeling wrung out and exhausted and to see Sam so resigned and so defeated broke my heart and shattered it to pieces.

I loved that this episode was packed full of scenes with the brother’s together and it was wonderful to see Dean so supportive of Sam. His speech to the old priest was evocative and poignant and wiped out any unpleasant memories of the brothers at loggerheads and apart.

Crowley was his usual badass self and I am warming to Metatron (Marv – awesome!) who appears to be a kindly old uncle of an angel (he even has the cardigan!). The angel tablet storyline is beginning to make sense now and is starting to tie in with the demon tablet storyline. However I do find the constant to and froing a little irritating. You get enthralled by what is happening with Sam and Dean only to be wrenched away to watch Cas & Marv! The element of trials to close the gates of heaven is a great twist but I wish that the Winchesters were more involved.

As usual the episode kept its sense of humour. Castiel’s shopping trip to try and get back into Dean’s good books was really funny. It was so obvious he was buying all the things Dean likes (porn, beer and pie!) and it was touching as well as amusing.

The introduction of characters from seasons past was also a fantastic idea. It was interesting to see how much they had changed and – as usual – it was gory from the get go. Crowley is such a wonderful character and his schemes are incredibly evil but you can’t help but like him and Mark Sheppard does a really excellent job. Typically Supernatural twists and turns and it was jaw breaking to hear that Crowley was using witch craft instead of demons to kill his victims.

Still unsure about Abaddon (which is Greek for destroyer and very appropriate given what has happened). She appears to be evil personified and she certainly doesn’t like Crowley! It will be interesting to see how she fits into the finale (if at all).

Why did the show have to kill Sarah? She has always been one of my favourite female characters and someone I would have liked Sam to end up with. In my opinion there was always more chemistry between Sam and Sarah than Sam and any other female and to see her die like that was absolutely tragic and disturbing. The effect it had on Sam was heart-breaking and it is hard to know if he will be able to take much more. When Jared acts like this he is phenomenal and you just want to leap into the TV and hug him tight until he feels better. If the brothers do stop now what will happen to Sam? Preview photos from next week see him looking worse than ever and he is clearly at the end of his physical and mental tether.

This week’s episode was really, really good. It was gory, exciting, funny, heart-breaking and fascinating. It threw up more questions than answers (again!) and it set up the prospect of a very worrying, very exhilarating and very perplexing finale.

Will all the loose ends be tied up? Will the brothers end up together this time? Will Crowley get his just deserts and will Kevin et al live to the end of the episode?

Nails are being bitten and handkerchiefs are being clutched at the ready.

The ride – ladies and gentlemen – will be bumpy but no one wants to get off quite yet!!