Episode 9.1

“I Think I’m Going To Like It Here” Review
By Annie Kenney

So, here we are again, back in the wild and forever wonderful world of the Winchesters. If like me you have been on tenterhooks waiting to see what would happen after the dramatic and, frankly, out of this world Season 8 finale then you probably wouldn’t have been disappointed even if, like me, you were left wondering what else could possibly happen to Sam!

Firstly what a relief to find that there hasn’t been a time jump and the action takes place straight after the finale. We know that Sam was in a pretty bad way but, on first glance, it appears that he has recovered enough to talk to Dean and sit in his familiar shotgun position in the Impala. Two minutes in and my stomach started clenching when Dean turns around to Sam and tells him

“You died Sam.”

In that one moment you know you are back on that Supernatural roller coaster and that you are going to be in for a bumpy ride.

It didn’t take very long before I was in tears; the long list of Sam’s injuries, the fact that he was too weak to fight them, Dean’s obvious pain, all of these combined to turn me into a sobbing wreck before the episode even got going! Dean’s desperation and his prayer to Castiel was almost the final straw. When he started praying to any angel who was listening you just knew it wasn’t going to end well!

Secondly being inside Sam’s head is a really scary experience. As an audience we have been there before, primarily in Season 6 when Sam fought with himself after his wall went down. Now though instead of soulless Sam we have Dean and Bobby, all parts of Sam’s fractured psyche and Sam (through Dean) is trying to convince himself that he should fight while Sam (through Bobby) believes that maybe there is nothing left to fight for and that, finally, he should actually let himself die.

Meanwhile Castiel discovers, as we do, that he no longer has powers and is completely human. As he begins his journey back to the Winchesters he finds out what it is like to be hurt and hungry. It is odd seeing Castiel as human and, as yet, I’m not really sure if I like this storyline. One of the strongest parts of Castiel’s characterisation was that he was an angel, that he was a fish out of water and that he was superior to humans. Now that he is human he has lost a lot of his mystique and I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. Only time will tell…

When an angel finally comes to Dean’s rescue it is one who is already damaged. Ezekiel looked almost as weak as Sam did (minus the heart monitors and tubes!) but he is really Dean’s last hope. However Dean’s troubles are far from over as he has managed to attract the attention of many angels and they are all out for his blood! (and hands up who didn’t guess that the grief counsellor was actually an angel?).

In the meantime back in Sam’s head it appears that Sam is really, truly ready to die. Even Dean’s intervention doesn’t seem to stop him and before long he is having a conversation with Death (who is still as cool as ever – Julian Richings is absolutely ace) and is ready to go.

Even as this drama unfolds, human Cas seems to have gotten himself an angel stalker and his situation seems as desperate as Dean’s. I have to confess that the angel situation did kind of confuse me because when they fell they appeared to already be human (one actually fell into the water) but now they are on Earth they have to seek out new vessels. Perhaps this was a continuity slip or perhaps it was just me being a bit dense but it appears that some of them have infiltrated families and businesses so it is going to be hard to know who is human and who is angel (wait until the demons are thrown into the midst as well!)

With Ezekiel’s help, Dean finally, actually gets inside Sam’s head and persuades him to live. This means that Sam, inadvertently, says ‘Yes’ to Ezekiel possessing him. As this was happening I was actually shouting ‘Not a good idea’ at the screen. Poor Sam, sometimes I wonder if his body (however battered) will ever be his own!

This does, of course, give Jared Padalecki another chance to try out his acting chops and Ezekiel as Sam was positively creepy. I don’t think we have seen the last of this angel but I kind of wished he could have stayed in his other vessel a bit longer because that actor was really great and easy on the eye!

The scene with Castiel in the launderette should have been humorous but it was actually bitter sweet and incredibly sad. Castiel does have a lot to learn about being human and this might not be the best time to be an angel without grace.

And so Sam finally wakes up with no memory of what has happened to him. Even now, as seasoned viewers, we know that he will eventually find out about Ezekiel and when he does we know he is going to be pretty angry! I am not a great fan of Sam and Dean keeping secrets from each other but it does seem par for the course. I also wish that, for once, Sam could just be Sam and while I appreciate Jared’s excitement at playing different versions of his character I believe that we have seen enough of Sam not quite being Sam!

So all in all I really enjoyed this episode, it made me cry and it made me think but I’m not sure where all this is going and I’m not certain that I’m going to like the journey or not! However, I am a Supernatural addict through and through so I will be along for the ride all the way to the end.