Episode 9.12

“Sharp Teeth” Review
By Annie Kenney

This was one of those filler episodes that seem to go nowhere. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t excited and, to be frank, I wasn’t even that interested and yet the whole thing ended with one of the most devastating scenes Supernatural has ever produced.

Supernatural does not do werewolves well. It is clear they don’t have the budget for full on wolf type changes and, therefore, the monsters aren’t actually very monstrous. In fact at one point it looked as if one of the werewolves was wearing plastic, Halloween fangs making him more laughable than scary.

It was nice to see Garth again and DJ Qualls has really made the character his own. It was also good to see the brother’s together again but – ouch – it wasn’t easy or funny, it was awkward and it made me feel really, really sad.

Despite this it was a relief to see the two Winchester’s actually being honest with each other for a change. Sam told Dean about Gadreel’s grace while Dean told Sam about the mark of Cain. At this point, as a viewer, I was hoping for a Winchester heart to heart, maybe even a hug but, boy, was I wrong to hope for such things!

The werewolf pack was a cool idea (very much like the Howling) and it was good to see that Garth had found his place in the world at last. There was a little bit of humour to be had in the singing and piano playing (and Dean’s reactions) and the scene around the table (raw meat ugh) was creepy but, apart from that, the whole episode lacked thrust or tension and it certainly lacked a threatening big bad (where are you Abaddon?)

When you are watching something like Supernatural you expect excitement or tension or at least a few hiding behind your hands moments but Sharp Teeth didn’t give the viewer any of those things. Amazingly I was actually bored and found myself losing interest. The villain was unspectacular and about as scary as our Jack Russell and the pack was overcome really easily by Dean wearing someone else’s jacket!

The theme of ‘they are friendly monsters shall we kill them or not?’ has been done to death already and you start to wonder if the writers are running out of original ideas. However just as you start to get completely unhappy and frustrated the writers come out of left field and give us a completely sob making Winchester talk!

Firstly I want to say just how well acted this scene was; both actors showed pain, frustration and anger without pulling faces or going over the top. Secondly I want to say how hard it was to actually watch, I wanted to put my hands over my eyes and not see it, it was possibly one of the most distressing scenes in Supernatural’s history and it hurt.

Hard to know really who to sympathise with the most; we know that Dean always does things with the best intentions but it is easy to see why Sam is so frustrated. I don’t think, deep down, it is about the lying or even the fact that Dean persuaded him to stop the trials. In my opinion (and it is only my opinion) Sam is absolutely sick and tired of Dean sacrificing everything for Sam. If you look back through the seasons Dean has done a lot for Sam, sacrificed a lot for Sam but (and this is the clincher for me), it has really been for Dean. Dean, clearly, cannot live without Sam, he has proved it on numerous occasions. He sold his soul so Sam could live, he thrust Sam’s damaged soul back into his body even though Sam asked him not to, he intervened when Sam’s wall came down and he stopped Sam from doing the trials.

We know that Sam can (and has) made a life without Dean and, whether you feel that is right or wrong, we know Sam is a lot more self sufficient. Granted he fell apart when Dean went to hell but that was more about the fact he couldn’t stop it and how guilty he felt. Even when Dean was back Sam carried on with his quest to kill Lilith. Sam wanted revenge.

How you feel about Sam and Dean’s talk in Sharp Teeth depends on what side of the fence you are on where the brother’s are concerned. It may be, like me, you are someone who can see both points of view and it may be, like me, you think that Sam has a point (however cruel it seems) when he says that they cannot be brothers and hunt. Sam was offering Dean a partner or a brother – not both – and Dean took him as a partner because he doesn’t want to hunt alone. (Dean does not do alone well – even in Purgatory he had Benny and when Sam has been AWOL he has hunted with Jo, Garth, Castiel and Crowley). However Sam’s statement spells a bleak future for the brothers and it is going to take a huge event for them to get back on the same page again (that’s if they ever will…)

I want to see the brothers together, I want to see the dynamic I fell in love with in Season’s one and two. I am sure this will happen eventually but how I don’t have a clue! Dean is not going to change anytime soon as we are nine nearly ten years in and he is still all about family and looking after Sammy. Sam isn’t going to change either; he is still stubborn and determined to live life how HE wants to. He is also determined to take some control over his own life and that is going to be difficult while Dean is so – dare I say – clingy!

The writers have set up a very interesting premise here; the brothers hunting as partners rather than family. It is going to hurt Dean and, to be honest, it is going to hurt Sam too.

Next week’s episode looks a lot lighter and more in the vein of Changing Channels or Plucky Pennywhistles. Call me shallow but I can’t wait to see Sam in…I’ll stop there because of spoilers!