Episode 9.13

“The Purge” Review
By Annie Kenney

The Purge was extremely painful; not just for those poor people who had their fat sucked out of them but for the fans that just about had their hearts sucked out of them during Sam & Dean’s final conversation.

What is happening with Sam? For me the whole episode was coloured by this one question. Sam is upset and feels tricked; Sam has been lied to and it is easy to understand why he feels so bad but does he really have to be so cold about it? I’m not sure where the writers are going with this but I have a sneaking suspicion (I’ll tell you later!)

Back to the episode; I really liked it this week and was relieved to see that the writers hadn’t totally lost their sense of humour! I loved all the subsidiary characters (particularly the Sherriff) and the episode was gaudily coloured (it reminded me of Plucky Pennywhistles). The fat sucking monster was suitably gross (you’re a fish taco!) and the attacks were played more for laughs than scares.

Sam as a fitness instructor just has to be mentioned here; how hot did he look in this particular episode? Shorts, long skinny legs, big arms, even his hair looked gorgeous. It was a totally shallow drooling moment and one that will be on rewind for a long time.

Not to say that Dean didn’t totally rock the hairnet and it is nice to see that, despite everything, he hasn’t lost his appetite. I liked that there were still snarky exchanges between the boys and it is always nice to laugh even though you know that there is heartache just around the corner.

It made me feel a bit tearful to hear drugged Dean call his brother ‘Sammy’. It proves, to me at least, that Dean still thinks of Sam as his little brother. Despite all that Sam has said, Dean still wants family. This is no surprise because Dean has always wanted family and always needed someone near him. We know, from past viewings, that Dean does not do alone well and he wants more than a partner.

Unfortunately this episode was a little spoiled by clichéd writing. How many times do we have to see Dean wanting to kill an innocent monster and Sam wanting to save it? Didn’t we have this discussion just last week in The Purge? Was this scene just thrust in there to prove that Sam has a heart? We know all this, we’ve seen it countless times and so it made me balk a little to see it yet again. It was a shame because as a stand-alone Monster of the week episode this one was pretty good.

And so back to the bunker; evil monster brother killed, good monster sister sent back to Peru and case closed. However, if you thought last week’s talk between Sam and Dean was heart wrenching then this week’s was just absolutely gut clenching. I could barely bring myself to watch and that is saying something. The hurt on Dean’s face in the end, the terrible comprehension of what Sam was saying. It was painful, really emotional and painful, but unfortunately it also had an element of truth to it.

I’m not sure what the writers are doing with Sam; he is almost like his soulless self but we know for sure that his soul is definitely in there! Over the past few episodes I have found it hard to reconcile this Sam with the one from Season’s 1, 2 & 3 where he swore he would die for his brother, where he tried desperately to get Dean out of his deal, where he couldn’t live without Dean becoming a drunkard and a demon blood addict controlled by Ruby. Where is that Sam? I think he is still in there and, to be frank, I think that is why he is so determined to stop Dean trying to save him or sacrifice things for him again.

Past history tells us that Sam has seen his brother do some desperate things for his family; He made a deal for Sam’s life, he pushed a damaged soul back into Sam’s body, he let an angel possess Sam and yet he never gave Sam any choice in any of these matters plunging on regardless. When you ask yourself why you can’t help but feel as Sam does. Dean wants his family (Sam) near him at all times, he needs to look after Sammy, that’s his job, it’s been drilled into him since childhood and he just cannot let it go.

It’s an agonizing conundrum and one that is going to take a lot of solving. It is hard to see Sam like this but it is something I personally can understand. I’m not saying I like it or that – as Jared Padalecki so succinctly said – Sam can be an ass sometimes. I’m able to understand Sam’s feelings but I don’t think he (or the writers) are getting them across very well. I know that Sam didn’t mean he would let his brother die, I believe what he meant was that if the world was at stake he would save the world rather than Dean. Harsh but fair I guess but it doesn’t make for a very likeable Sam at this moment.

And so to my theory as to where we might go with this; Dean has the mark of Cain (now let’s remember Cain killed his younger brother) and he is able to kill Abaddon. Sam no longer has his possession charm (we think – I’ve not seen it so I’m going with its not there to support my theory). Abbadon possesses Sam, Dean has to choose Sam or the world and, after all that’s been said, Dean chooses to kill his brother…

On that bleak note I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that Sam and Dean work out their differences soon. I want a hug! I want a big hug! And so, no doubt, do the millions of Supernatural fans whose broken hearts are in their mouths at this point…