Episode 9.15

“#Thinman” Review
By Annie Kenney

This episode was bitter sweet.

I always associate the Ghostfacers with comedy and, although Thinman did have a few amusing moments it certainly wasn’t all that funny!

What I liked most about this week’s episode was that there were a few more brother moments and one or two hints that things between Sam & Dean might be slowly (and I mean slowly) starting to heal. I’m still not sure what is going through Sam’s head right now but it is clear he’s still angry with his brother but it is also clear that the anger is slightly dissipating. Sam, evidently, does not want his brother to hunt alone and that is one teeny, tiny sign that he still cares what Dean does. Dean’s surprise at Sam wanting to hunt with him was painful but at least they got out of the bunker together.

Meeting Ed & Harry again was filled, for me, with both pleasure and pain. No insult to either actor but the fact that they have obviously aged helped the story along. Now they are more mature the Ghostfacers looked even geekier and out of place (particularly beside Sam & Dean). It was obvious, from the outset that things weren’t hunky dory with them either. Harry was pining over his lost girlfriend while Ed just wanted to keep the ‘Facers’ together. Although we didn’t actually hear just what happened between Harry and his lost love we have to assume it was something to do with Harry being a Ghostfacer!

As an aside, the actual Thinman, was one of the scariest ‘monsters’ that has turned up in Supernatural for a while so what a shame he wasn’t actually a monster after all! I watched this episode with my youngest daughter and she was seriously freaked out by the faceless killer! Just goes to show that Supernatural can still be creepy when it tries.

It was quite sad to see Sam & Dean’s squabbles spilling over into their hunting. For once neither of them seemed to be able to agree on what they were actually trying to hunt. Dean, with his own laptop, was determined that it was a ghost while Sam went down the Thinman route (anyone think that seemed odd? Sam told Dean that he believed the photos were faked). This disorganisation appears to be affecting the brothers’ abilities (they were taken down by the villain fairly easily) and hampering their capacity to do a good job!

A lot has been made of the fact that Ed & Harry’s story mirrored Sam & Deans and that the writing wasn’t good enough or subtle enough. Many fans felt as if they had been battered over the head with obvious comparisons. That might be true but I honestly didn’t feel like that. I found myself going ‘ahhh’ on several occasions moved by both sets of protagonists and their various issues. I think that my take on it was, after years and years of working with the same person, cracks are always going to show and that it wasn’t surprising that Ed & Harry were experiencing the same problems as Sam & Dean. I think that this episode was meant to illustrate that long term partnerships are going to falter eventually and even the strongest bonds can be broken – sometimes beyond repair.

Which brings me to some of my own frustrations with the episode; firstly was the moment that Sam was about to have a heart to heart with Harry. He sat down, took a breath, said one or two really telling things and then…Dean walked in! I was so annoyed. I thought for once we were actually going to hear what Sam was thinking and feeling but no; as usual we weren’t allowed to be party to Sam’s inner thoughts. Secondly why did there have to be two villains? I’m a tad confused as to why one person couldn’t have been the Thinman but perhaps that’s just me!

And now to the best moments from Thinman; Sam & Dean’s talk about Batman V Superman and how Dean took Sam to ER on the handlebars of his bike. Oh the expression on the brother’s faces, the clear and obvious love that was still there between them, the shared history that can’t be ignored. I also liked the fact that Sam shouted ‘NO!’ so loudly and so insistently when the ‘baddie’ was about to stab his brother. Again it is clear that, whatever he says, Sam cannot separate his feelings from the job. He still cares about Dean and that is something that brings hope to us brothers working together fans.

How sad to see Harry & Ed separate; despite their story being similar to Sam & Dean it did have a different ending. Harry can’t bring himself to stay with Ed because of his lies; he can’t trust him and, therefore, can’t work with him. When the Impala drove off and left Ed staring tearfully after it I had something in my eye! That something became genuine tears during Harry’s speech about the rocking chairs…and Sam & Dean’s expressions during that speech – ouch! Jared & Jensen are truly fantastic actors and they bring such pathos to each performance – it just blows my fan girl mind!

In conclusion I loved the episode and certainly enjoyed it more than the last two however it didn’t answer many questions and it did throw up a huger one which makes my stomach clench even as I write it down. “Is the mark of Cain affecting Dean?” His cold hearted killing of the youth who was pretending to be Thinman was horrifying and you could see that Sam felt the same. It scares me but I still think the show is going down that route. I think the conflict between Sam & Dean is going to end with Dean going dark side and trying to kill his brother, trying to kill a brother who is constantly telling him that he regrets not dying…

I hope I’m wrong…