Episode 9.17

“Mother’s Little Helper” Review
By Annie Kenney

This was one of the best episodes of Supernatural that I have seen in a long, long, long time. Things are certainly picking up and you feel as if you need to strap yourself in as this season hurtles to its conclusion.

Last night’s episode taught me two very important facts; Sam is obviously starting to forgive and forget and Dean, Dean is going downhill very fast and his behaviour is starting to look a tad addictive, in fact does anyone agree with me that Dean – Season 9 is acting a lot like Sam – Season 4. If you swap Abbadon for Lilith and the blade for demon blood you can see that their behaviour is extremely similar and just as disturbing the second time around.

I don’t usually like episodes where the brothers are apart but it didn’t seem to bother me much this time. It was necessary and it served to illustrate that, despite his harsh words over the past few months, Sam doesn’t function that well without Dean. His constant phone calls to his big brother made me feel quite sad in an odd bitter sweet way. All of a sudden Sam seemed like a lost little boy again.

Mother’s Little Helper was one of your classic atypical Supernatural episodes. A really gory start that involved copious amounts of blood, creepy things happening to normal people, huge nods to the mythology both past and present and one of the brothers acting oddly obsessive and definitely not normal! It was great that the writer decided to further explore the ‘Men of Letters’ story as it is one of the most fascinating plot threads that Supernatural has ever introduced. I love Henry Winchester because he is so different from the usual family members. He is more about brains than brawn and he cares so much about family. I still wish that the powers that be had introduced Henry earlier on in the series so that we could have seen more of him.

It was also interesting that the episode revisited the concept of being soulless. This was also one of my favourite themes because I am really captivated by the thought of souls and what they entail. It was good that Sam made the connection between ‘soulless him’ and the normal people who seemed to have gone completely crazy. I like the way that the writers have tied souls into the new mythology and the fact that Abbadon is building her own demon army to take on Crowley. (I’m really hoping for a demon slap down!)

While Sam was off solving the case of the souls Dean was back in the bunker acting very strangely. Drinking copious amounts, staring into space and looking moody (well ok maybe not that strangely lol). Seriously though, Dean is getting to be kind of creepy and it is getting harder and harder for Sam to snap him out of it. This is not helped by Crowley’s obvious attempt to manipulate Dean and use him for his own ends (whatever they may be). His test to see if Dean would protect him worked only too well and it is worrying to think that, eventually, Dean is going to choose Crowley over Sam.

I’m not sure what the show is trying to tell us or in what direction it is going. If Dean does choose Crowley over Sam then a lot of viewers may say that it is Sam’s own fault and, to some extent, those viewers could have a point. Sam has been telling Dean ‘not to put him first’ for the past few episodes so if Dean suddenly decides not to then Sam only has himself to blame. The fact that Dean is carrying the mark of Cain and Crowley has the first blade only point to some sort of control on Crowley’s part. It is clear that Crowley is going to use Dean to get rid of Abbadon but what is he going to do with Dean after that? I am not really sure if I want to know.

So with six episodes to go what do we, as viewers and fans, know? We know that Dean has the Mark of Cain and is, rapidly, turning into an obsessive killing machine. We know Crowley is addicted to human blood but is still determined to stay the King of Hell. We know that Metatron is still on the run somewhere and is planning on taking over heaven with Gadreel as his second in command. (We also know that Dean is determined to kill Gadreel as well as Abbadon). We know that Sam is starting to forgive his brother and that he is showing some concern. We also know that Sam is on board the ‘let’s kill Abbadon quickly’ train now he knows that she is building a demon army! (I’m feeling slightly out of breath now).

How they are going to tie all of this together plus introduce the characters for the new spin off series I really do not know. There are so many plot threads but I have total faith in Jeremy Carver and I just know he is going to tie it all together. I think that this season has a lot to live up to and it will be interesting to see if they can better the season 8 finale.

The most frustrating thing at the moment; the fact that there is now a three week break before we get to see what happens! I’m not sure I’ll be sleeping anytime soon…