Episode 9.2

“Devil May Care” Review
By Annie Kenney

I like Abaddon and the actress that plays her is amazing. She has made demons scary again and I was really pleased to see her back! It was awesome to see the return of her nemesis Crowley too. I’ve missed Mark Sheppard and his sarcastic humour and I have to say his line about ‘Putting the S.A,M in S & M’ was probably one of the best lines in any TV series ever!

The return of Kevin was also welcomed. Osric Chau has really gotten into his character and I love that he is still pretty scared and neurotic. His scenes with Crowley were fantastic and I began to wonder if the two of them really would work together against the Winchesters.

Nice to see Sam up and about again too but Dean’s guilt is still pretty obvious. The brother scenes in this episode were brilliant and most welcome. It seems like a long time since Sam and Dean sat down and actually talked to each other and it is lovely to see Sam looking up to his big brother again. However the underlying fear that Sam is – eventually – going to find out about Ezekiel makes each scene tenser than the next and, as a viewer, I can really, really feel for Dean.

I loved Abbadon’s talk to her army and the old lady demon was ace! You knew she wasn’t going to last long being so sassy but it was great to see the interaction between the two. I’m really hoping for a final showdown between Abbadon and Crowley and I hope the writers don’t disappoint. It was also great to see the brother’s back on the case (Agent’s Stark and Banner – fantastic nod to the Avengers here!) and Kevin’s phone conversation with the military policewoman was excellent. Despite Garth’s claims it appears that Kevin might be the new Bobby even though he doesn’t actually know what he is doing.

Sam’s sudden transformation into Ezekiel was incredible and to see Jared with glowing eyes and broken wings was out of this world. It is testament to both Jared and Jensen that it is easy to believe that the angel is inside of Sam. When Dean and Zeke (and how typical of Dean to give Ezekiel a name he can handle!) talk to each other we truly believe that Jared is a totally different character. Dean’s interactions with Ezekiel are so different from his interactions with Sam and it makes for a fascinating mess of contradictions.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode and liked it far better than last weeks. I’m growing to like Ezekiel/Sam (Samekiel?) but I do still have my reservations about this plot device. The fan in me doesn’t want to accuse the writers of lazy writing but the critic in me thinks that maybe this is the case. Can we have one season where Sam is actually Sam – maybe Dean could have a turn at having something wrong with him! I know that Jared welcomes the acting challenge but angel Sam is just another variation of Sam (we have already had addict Sam, Soulless Sam and Broken Wall Sam) and – to a certain extent – this takes away some of the impact of seeing a familiar character act in an unfamiliar way.

Also – and again I feel guilty for admitting it – I didn’t miss Castiel at all in this episode. Last week I found the constant flashing back to Castiel trying to cope at being human a bit distracting. I, personally, have always thought Supernatural was primarily about Sam and Dean. I always appreciated and enjoyed the supporting characters and don’t mind it when we get a glimpse of their lives. However much I like Castiel as a character I never really wanted him to be the third Winchester (so to speak) and I always saw him more like Bobby (slipping in and out of the Winchester’s lives). Now though Castiel gets equal billing and it isn’t something I’m used to yet. It might not be a popular opinion but Castiel as an angel (and fish out of water) was interesting and mysterious but this new version is a little cliché (again we have seen it all before with characters such as Spock and – more recently – Data in the Star Trek series.)

However this might be seen as nit-picking. I am already being drawn into this new season and can’t wait to see how everything pans out. Will Kevin eventually side with Crowley? Will Abaddon and Crowley have a demonic showdown? Will Sam find out about the angel inside of him? Supernatural may answer all of these questions or it might not answer any of them! All I can do is carry on watching because Season 9 is already starting to become addictive!