Episode 9.21

“King of the Damned” Review
By Annie Kenney

I’ve been on holiday to far off exotic places and when I came back I had four (count them) four episodes of Supernatural waiting for me.

The first, Meta Fiction, continued with the angel mythology and put Metatron in the place of Chuck (oh the irony – as it is often hinted that Chuck is God). We see the rogue angel sitting at a typewriter putting down one of his many stories and oh boy does he have a few to tell!

I hate to be negative about any episode of Supernatural but I am getting a bit worn down by all these angel type battles. The various factions are starting to confuse me and I find myself forgetting who is who and who stand for what. Several angels have been introduced and killed within a few episodes (stand up Bartholomew and Malachi) so it is difficult to relate to them or their causes. Mix this up with the drama of the first blade and the battle between Crowley and Abbadon and it does lead to a rather baffling mix. I got lost a little on the way.

Some of the more positive things about that particular episode were the return of Gabriel (I love him!) and the hint that he might still be around making mischief. I also really like Gadreel and find him one of the more interesting characters around this season. I know he possessed Sam under false pretences and he’s killed rather a lot of people (including Kevin) in Metatron’s name but I really want Gadreel to be forgiven at the end of the season (somehow though I don’t rate his chances)!

I then watched Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann which I have to say I really enjoyed. It was a good, solid stand-alone episode that any casual watcher could have appreciated. It had some pretty scary vampire baddies, a heroine you could root for and the wonderful Jodie Mills. As an older woman I like Sherriff Mills a lot. She is an ideal foil for the boys because she’s too young to be their mother but maybe too old to be a love interest. Like Charlie before her she is a rounded female character you can cheer on and I hope they keep her alive. I also like that she has a special bond with Sam. Goodness knows Sam needs someone who he can turn to and Jodie is that person. Let’s hope we see more of her in the future.

Confession time – I didn’t watch Bloodlines. That’s all I can say really. I read a lot of other reviews and most were less than positive. I can’t help but think this series has no connection with Supernatural the programme at all and there are so many other avenues that the CW could have explored. It would be wrong of me to pass judgement though so we’ll just pass on…

So now to Tuesday’s episode; King of the Damned I wanted to enjoy it I really did, I was looking forward to it and I watched it twice before writing this review but, although there were good things about it, there were twice as many bad things.

When did Supernatural become so random? What an earth possessed the writers to think that introducing Crowley’s son would be a good idea? There are already hundreds of incidental characters hovering about this season and we certainly didn’t need anymore. I know we have met Gavin before and the actor did have a certain charm (and an uncertain Scottish accent) but his introduction left me baffled (but then perhaps it is only me).

I couldn’t help but compare this episode with episode 21 last year. The Great Escapist and the other episodes leading to the unbeatable and incredible finale was excellent, gripping and there was a clear guide as to who was good and who was bad. We had the outcome of the trials to look forward to and Sam to worry about and everything was hurtling onwards at an amazing pace. This episode was, like many angel based episodes this season, was crammed, confused and disappointing. And why the hell have they killed off Abbadon and so quickly and without much fuss?? There was hardly any tension or any OMG type moments. When Dean thrust the blade into her I was left feeling ‘huh’ and that wasn’t a good feeling.

Good points to King of the Damned; Crowley (Mark Sheppard just gets better and better), Gadreel (I think he is fascinating) and Castiel’s chat with Sam. Bad points – the rest of it and I am so upset to be actually writing this.

I cannot see where this is going to go. Abbadon is dead, Metatron is sneaky but not really that threatening, the rest of the angels are all over the place. There are lots of untied threads (like Kevin being trapped on earth as a ghost) and there are no real baddies to speak of. I don’t feel at all excited by the forthcoming angel battle and I am wondering if the writers can actually draw me in enough to make me keep watching.

There is also the issue of Sam and Dean; once the mainstays of Supernatural they have become almost incidental. Often it is like they are the guest stars in a show about angels or demons or both. Dean fans must be pleased that he has been part of this season’s mytharc but now Abbadon is dead who is he going to use the blade on? (Although my money has always been on Sam)! We know the blade turns Dean into a cold blooded killer but his final battle with Abbadon was rather a damp squid. I want to see Dean lose complete control and go banana’s!

And as for Sam…now he isn’t part of the story and there is nothing wrong with him (no lack of soul, no angel possession, no blood addiction) the writers seem at a loss to know what to do with him. If it wasn’t for Jared’s fantastic and consistently good acting you could easily lose interest in the character as he seems to have lost all direction. How many times has Sam been knocked out, tied up or slammed against a wall (or all three?) If I see one more episode where Sam is tied to a chair I’ll scream. He seems to have lost all of his hunting skills and his main purpose in life seems to be telling Dean to ‘put down the blade’.

I’m hoping that the writers are going to pull two excellent episodes out of the bag now. I have read that there are going to be big surprises in the finale and that we are going to see the brothers in a position they have never been in before (at home watching TV then.) I have been a fan of the show since episode one of Season one and I have loved it and defended it ever since but I am beginning to wonder if nine seasons is too many and that ten seasons might actually be too much. I don’t want my memories of this fantastic series to be tainted by bad writing and confused plots.

There are two episodes left to relight my passion! Come on writers make me eat humble pie and actually get excited about this show again…