Episode 9.3

“I’m No Angel” Review
By Annie Kenney

What can I say about this week’s episode that won’t upset about 50% of viewers?

As a long time Supernatural fan I was disappointed with it; thought it was unnecessarily gory and thought that it dragged on a bit. It was the first time for a long time that I haven’t really enjoyed an episode (Bitten in Season 8 springs to mind!) and it is probably one that I won’t be watching again and again.

There were some good moments. I am really growing to like Sam/Ezekiel (something I wasn’t sure of at first) and think that Jared is doing a fantastic job of switching from Sam to Ezekiel and back again. I also really like the interactions between Dean and Zeke and the way that they are totally different to the interactions between Dean and Sam. The chemistry between Jared and Jensen shows in every scene and they get better and better as the series goes on.

So to the main thrust of the episode and human Castiel. Let me start by saying that I like Castiel and I think Misha does a really good job at playing him. When he came on the scene in Season 4 I thought he was fantastic and a great addition to the canon. Angels appeared to be warrior like and indestructible, mysterious and scary. As the series has gone on Castiel has – like Sam I guess – gone through a lot of changes. He has been almost human, he has been bad, he was God for a while and he let the Leviathans out. He has tried hunting with Dean (and visited a brothel) and he has tried hunting with Dean and Sam (and interviewed a cat!). He has provided humour, excitement and a genuine supernatural element to the series.

That said, this new take on Castiel is – to be honest – not that interesting. As I mentioned in last week’s review, characters trying to be human or experiencing humanity for the first time are a very common trope in science fiction (and other genres) so – for someone who watches a lot of these programmes – this is nothing new. There was some amusement to be had listening to Castiel moan about having to urinate! Watching him brush his teeth and attempt to communicate with other humans. However this humour soon wears thin and it starts to get repetitive and – shockingly for an episode of Supernatural – boring.

My other real complaint is that the whole episode was a tad pointless. Sam and Dean hunt for Castiel, they find him, he dies, Ezekiel heals him, they take him home and then Ezekiel tells Dean that Cas can’t stay in the bunker and if he does stay then Ezekiel will have to go! Hence it looks like Castiel was back where he started and it does make you ask ‘why?’ What was the point to this episode, where has it taken us as far as the plot is concerned?

At the moment there is no one threat, no big bad. I miss Lilith, Lucifer and Eve; I miss old Yellow Eyes and Dick Roman. We know Crowley can be evil but we’re not sure about him since the trials. Abbadon is certainly a threat but to whom and how? Who will Sam and Dean be fighting? Is there anything for the Winchesters to do this season?

I have faith in the writers and – looking at next week’s episode – it looks as if my faith might be justified. I just want to see less Castiel (sorry but there it is) and more brothers fighting evil. At the moment it appears that Supernatural has lost its way a little bit but I’m sure that, in the weeks to come, it will find it again.