Episode 9.4

“Slumber Party” Review
By Annie Kenney

First thoughts on this episode – bizarre – to the extreme! Funny, exciting, weird, this episode was all of these and yet it didn’t quite reach excellence!

The flashbacks worked beautifully and the way they segued into the present was really well done. I actually loved the two Men of Letters in the past and I really liked the actress who played Dorothy. The premise was certainly different and I was fascinated from the word go.

I’ll just take a moment out to say that I do not like the ‘Wizard of Oz’. It actually scares me and I find it extremely weird. The witch and the monkey’s freak me out and I have only ever managed to watch it all the way through once!

Funnily enough though, this episode managed to capture my own uneasy feelings about Oz. The witch was oddly frightening, mute and intense she was really creepy and made me feel uneasy. The fact that she couldn’t be killed made me instantly think Leviathan (I’m such a suspicious soul!) but they obviously didn’t want to go there.

There was so much to enjoy in this episode. Initially I was unsure about Charlie but she soon won me over. What a fantastic and refreshing female character she is. I wish that she was a regular because she is certainly one of the most interesting female the Winchesters have encountered and their fondness for her is obvious and touching. Being a bit of an alternative geek myself I can certainly relate to her (although I’ve never LARPED) and her thirst for excitement and adventure is something that we all have down deep inside.

This episode also made me laugh out loud (several times). The return of Crowley was most welcome and his Bollocks at the end of each scene was a stroke of genius. His interaction with the witch was great and I hope that he sticks around in the dungeon for a long, long time.

There were a lot of lovely brother moments in this episode too. Sam’s confession that he didn’t look at the bunker as home was tear-jerking as was Dean’s reaction (Jensen as subtle as ever). The conversation between them about the mysterious ‘Zeke’ made my heart beat faster and my stomach clench. The moment that Sam finds out about Zeke is something that scares me yet excites me in equal measures and there will be a massive fallout.

The whole idea behind this episode was brilliant and very imaginative. The little glimpse of Oz we got was awesome and I really would have liked to see a lot more of those monkeys! Obviously the low television budget couldn’t run to a lot more which is a shame. More of Oz would have been awesome but knowing my own personal feelings about it it would have made the episode a whole lot scarier.

So what stopped this being classic Supernatural? Firstly the death of Charlie seemed a tad unnecessary and appeared to be a plot device so that the audience could see Zeke/Sam. The fact that Zeke healed Castiel last week made this week’s back from the dead healing a bit repetitive. Even though Zeke/Sam is growing on me, there is no need for Zeke to appear every week. Okay this week it was to alert Sam to the situation and make him question it. (And how long before Sam starts to notice he is missing time??) but it would be nice to see our Sam being Sam for the entire 40 or so minutes!

Secondly, Sam and Dean being possessed by the witch…demon possession is dramatic and scary and quite creepy but this was just – sorry to say – funny. In fact it was one of my laugh out loud moments for all the wrong reasons. Jared and Jensen are such wonderful and capable actors but in this scene even they couldn’t save themselves. It was all kinds of wrong (in my opinion of course) but it only jarred for a moment and the witches demise (stabbed by a ruby slipper- ace idea) more than made up for it.

So all in all this was a really, really good episode but just not quite a great one.

Can’t wait for next week.