Episode 9.6

“Heaven Can’t Wait” Review
By Annie Kenney

Oh Supernatural why do you do this to me? Last week I was so excited to see the brother’s back together doing what they do best so what did you do? You went and separated them – AGAIN.

This episode was one of those typical filler – meh – episodes. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good either. It moved the storyline along but did it in a very clichéd and typical way. There were good scenes and there were bad scenes and there were scenes trying so hard to be funny but failing miserably…

As I have no doubt said on several occasions is that I hate it when the brothers are apart. I particularly hated it this week as there was no real reason for them to be. The reason Sam didn’t go with Dean was weak and glossed over and, although we know it was because of Ezekiel, this wasn’t really shown. Dean’s get out clause (he didn’t want to research) was fairly awkward and a little out of character and, like a lot of things in this episode, it jarred.

As this is Supernatural there were good moments. The scenes with Crowley, Sam and Kevin were excellent and there was the welcome return of the blood telephone. Crowley was suitably creepy and demanding, Kevin was his usual nervous self and Sam was actually Sam for the entire episode! I really like the fact that Crowley and Sam seem to have formed a very awkward and perhaps unwelcome bond due to what happened during the trials. I also like the fact that Sam has found a geek friend in Kevin but I really wanted Sam to be with Dean and he wasn’t.

Again a lot of the episode concentrated on Castiel being human. As I have mentioned in previous reviews this is nothing new or original and it has now become rather pointless. Castiel bumbling around the store trying to high five customers and messing up the ice blast machine is, in my opinion, just not that funny. I get the impression that Castiel is still very popular among viewers but the writers don’t quite know what to do with him. At one point he looked as if he might join the Winchesters as a third wheel but that never transpired. In this episode it was hinted that he could join Dean as his partner but, again, he didn’t really contribute much. The angel villain was just a McGuffin, a plot device to bring Dean and Cas together. The whole thing seemed tired and – it pains me to say this – boring.

I hope the writers find something more useful for Castiel to do before he becomes totally irritating. I liked the character and I like Misha but, at the moment, I cannot see what his part in the story will be. Perhaps it will become clearer as the season progresses, perhaps Dean will tell Castiel about Ezekiel; perhaps Castiel will find out about Ezekiel and tell Sam.

Back at the bunker however it was tense and very creepy. Why is Crowley injecting himself with Kevin’s blood? What does he hope to gain from this? Is he trying to turn himself human? I was really fascinated by this and want to know more. All in all then this episode was a bit of a let-down after last weeks. I want to see Sam and Dean together again, I don’t want to see bumbling comedy Castiel and I really want that storyline to conclude so we can get to the much more important stuff!

Not a totally bad episode but it certainly could have been better. Let’s look forward to next week!