Episode 11.13

Love Hurts Review

By Annie Kenney

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Is it wrong that I really enjoy these monster of the week episodes more than the ones that explore the myth arc? I hope not because this week’s episode was great and I liked it 100% more than last week’s. Also, I guess the writers did manage to get Amara in there as well so they weren’t completely ignoring the Season arc.

The brotherly moments this season are fantastic; for the first time in a long time Sam and Dean are very much like the Sam and Dean of Seasons 1 and 2. Working together, joking, talking, teasing. These moments are the reason I still watch Supernatural so I’m glad that the writers are keeping them in. I am also glad that the brothers are no longer at each other’s throats. I remember feeling really uneasy during the latter end of Season 9 because of Sam’s behavior towards Dean and his constant speeches about how he wouldn’t save Dean if Dean was dying. I always thought this was so out of character for Sam and there has never really been an explanation for it (apart from Sam’s I lied at the end of the season). Since Dean was cured of the mark the brothers have been working together towards a common goal and I like that…no I love that and long may it continue.

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And so to the episode itself; some might look at it as a filler, but I thought it was really good with an interesting premise and some gory moments! Supernatural has done themed episodes before (such as A Very Supernatural Christmas & It’s the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester). Of course they have also touched on Valentine’s Day with the excellent My Bloody Valentine but this episode was a lot lighter than that one and Dean actually got to enjoy ‘unattached drifter Christmas’.

I’m a great fan of shape shifters (werewolves are my absolute favorite) and think that they really stimulate the imagination. I thought that the fact this one took on the shape of the previous victim was quite creepy and, despite the fact she unwittingly started the curse, I liked the wife very much (she reminded me of the actress Linda Hamilton) and I felt really sorry for her. Like most women, I actually confide in my hairdresser so I could relate to her!

Sam and Dean were brilliant in this; Dean was his most fantastic wise cracking self and Sam was an excellent foil. I like to see Sam working away on his laptop (although I would have loved to know what he did on Valentine’s Day) and the exchange between the two of them at the very start was classic Winchester – with Sam’s comment about Dean needing a shower and Dean sniffing at himself before agreeing. What’s not to like?

So what was good? As well as the obvious brothers working together theme, the monster was excellent and I’m getting to like Emily Swallow as Amara. She was quite creepy in this episode playing the shifter playing Amara. The best thing about this episode though was the fact that Dean confessed that Amara was his deepest, darkest desire and Sam took Dean by surprise by admitting that he already knew. The fact that Sam wasn’t shocked by Dean’s revelation was very telling. It was bitter sweet to hear Dean admit that he didn’t think he could actually kill Amara and to hear Sam tell Dean that ‘he’s got it.’ Sam’s anguish at the end just about killed me and I have a horrible feeling that things are going to get worse before they get better.

What was bad about the episode? Nothing really. It was well-written and well-constructed. The wife was a sympathetic character who most women could relate to and, even though the witch was doing bad things, there was something deep inside of me that couldn’t really blame her!!

So 8/10 for this episode with an extra mark for the brothers working so well together. I really wish that all episodes were like this but, as I’ve said a hundred times before, that is just me and everyone wants something different.

Next week’s episode looks interesting but I feel really uneasy about certain aspects of it…I’m not saying what though as I’m not wanting to spoil it for others!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!