Amy Kirner

SSN: How did you discover Supernatural?

Amy: I was late to the party, because Supernatural started up in the year I swore off television, after they cancelled Angel. Little did I know, television executives were not all that bad, because some decent shows were put on the air to fill the void left, I just didn’t know about them for several years. A friend lured me to the show, and was nice enough to sit and marathon Seasons 1-4 with me over one summer (and provide alcoholic beverages so I could get through certain episodes of Season One). She even tried to be kind, and pretend “Bugs” didn’t exist. …though I’m one of five people who don’t mind it, since there’s a large amount of gratuitous impala driving shots, and some really small details that show Sam and Dean’s dynamic well.

SSN: What is your favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Amy: I really like Mystery Spot, because S3 is where we start to see that Sam is just as co-dependent as Dean is, and this episode really shows us that. The scenes with Sam living on his own, while he desperately tries to find a way to get his brother back, really get to me. The capped and completely neat toothpaste, the fact that he orders two plates. And one of the few episodes where we get to see some Winchester First Aid. If there’s one thing I’m missing in this show, it’s half topless scenes while badass self suturing is going on.

SSN: What is your least favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Amy: Family Remains. Because. I hate filler episodes, and to come right after Heaven and Hell—I was just not in the mood to get an episode with the boys barely in it and creepy kids who eat rats.

SSN: Who is your favorite villain?

Amy: Can I answer this as my favorite antagonist, since I feel bad assigning him the villain label? Because it’s The Trickster/Gabriel. I really love how despite having absolutely ridiculous things happening, there was always this strange lesson he wanted to impart on the boys (at least after his first appearance).
I’m also a big fan of Meg, and I feel like there were so many more stories that could have been told.

SSN: How do you promote Supernatural?

Amy: Besides getting my fifty-something parents addicted to the show (it’s one of their weekly must-watch shows now!), and buying ridiculous amounts of t-shirts and ceramic mugs, I run a Supernatural role playing group that’s been plotting and playing out our own stories since 2009. I also am one part of a Winchester Mystery Science Theater type deal on Twitter. And I heavily discuss each and every episode to obsessive levels to anyone who will listen (i.e. a a really good friend who’s as obsessed with the show as I am). I get incredibly upset when anyone criticizes Sam, or Dean, or claims they’re doing something “out of character”, to the point where I write thousand word essays to say otherwise. Like, we’re talking thesis quality, here. Then they get read by about two people.

SSN: Do you prefer one of the brothers to the other? If so, which one?

Amy: While one of my favorite things is the dynamic of Sam and Dean together, Dean will always be my favorite. But liking Dean so much, and also writing for him, it makes me have Sammy feelings. I don’t get how someone could love one brother, and hate the other, since they’re really a team package.

SSN: If you could be in ANY Supernatural episode, which would you choose and why?

Amy: Any episode that has to license a Bad Company song. And you probably can guess as to why.

SSN: What one character would you love to see back on Supernatural?

Amy: Meg. I don’t want Gabriel to come back, but I’d like for us to meet the real Loki (if Gabriel just didn’t kill him to take his place, but stuffed him in a magic bottle, and he’s been there ever since). Also, Missouri Mosley. Sorry, that’s a bit more than one, but you know how this show is to supporting characters! Just when you warm up to someone, and they start to get interesting…

SSN: How do you want the show to end?

Amy: Road trip to Disney World and Sam /doesn’t/ forget the pie, or try and provide a piss poor alternative. Eighty years from now. After a musical episode, a Winchesters in Space episode, an animated episode, and an episode where the impala turns into a 40-something sassy black woman (with a NICE trunk).

SSN: What other TV shows do you watch religiously?

Amy: Supernatural is one of the only network dramas I watch anymore. It’s probably the only thing I will make sure I catch as it airs. But I’m big on Game of Thrones and HIMYM. Also, excited for SHIELD, even though it will have to get DVR’d.

SSN: Where can we find you on the Internet?

Amy: My personal twitter is @purupuru, my Dean that watches midnight movies and live tweets occasionally on Fridays is @samisabitch.