Brendan Westfall


Since Brendan is only 3 ½ we didn’t send him interview questions. So instead we will post his Mom’s nomination email and a picture of the cutie!


I would like to nominate someone for fan of the month…BRENDAN!! He is my son. He is 3 ½, and he is the biggest SUPERNATURAL fan I know LOL. He calls the boys…MY Sam, MY Dean, MY Castiel, and MY Bobby!!

He loves Baby and says he needs a car like that when he grows up. We follow you guys on Twitter, along with all the SPN people…even baby Thomas (which Brendan calls “Sam’s son”).

Brendan tells me that Sam and Dean protect all of us from the demons and bad guys in the world. It is the cutest thing!

We have donated to A Dogs Life Rescue, and thru you guys just recently…because Brendan says it’s the right thing to do!!!! Whatever we can do to support Supernatural, we will do it. Period.

He may be little, but he is the biggest SUPERNATURAL FAN I know! Ammie W.