Melissa Lane

SSN: How did you discover Supernatural?

Melissa: It’s actually kind of funny. These people on Twitter kept talking about it and I found a rerun episode on TNT. I was hooked and immediately bought all 4 seasons on DVD and watched them almost nonstop.

SSN: What is your favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Melissa: Ohh this is kind of a hard questions. I love so many of the episodes. I think though my favorite episode is Changing Channels because I adore Gabriel. I just loves how he messes with the boys.

SSN: What is your least favorite Supernatural episode and why?

Melissa: Hammer of the Gods. Because of the obvious since I’m a Gabriel Fan. Oh also Bugs. That episode made me shiver and NOT in a good way

SSN: Who is your favorite villain?

Melissa: Oh wow this will make me sound horrid. But Lucifer is my favorite. He’s so evil and fun. He reminds me somewhat of the Master from Dr Who and I sincerely love him also.

SSN: How do you promote Supernatural?

Melissa: I have numerous Supernatural shirts and I even have a bumper-sticker now lol. I’m going to the Chicago Salute to Supernatural in October. And I tweet Supernatural a lot on twitter. Oh I also have a Castiel and Gabriel Plushie <3

SSN: Do you prefer one of the boys over the other? If so, which one?

Melissa: I am a Dean girl. I do love Sammy too but if I HAD to chose it would be Dean.

SSN: If you could be in ANY Supernatural episode, which would you choose and why?

Melissa: The Real Ghostbusters. That entire episode was just so fun. I could see myself being one of the LARP’ers playing as Dean LOL.

SSN: What one character would you love to see back on Supernatural?

Melissa: Gabriel, definitely Gabriel. I admit I even signed the petition to get him back

SSN: How do you want the show to end?

Melissa: Honestly? I would love to see the boys go out in a blaze of glory like Bonnie and Clyde.

SSN: What other TV shows do you watch religiously?

Melissa: House, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, NCIS, and Psych

SSN: Where can we find you on the Internet?

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